We Did It! Broken News!

…and I am not talking about the act that got us into this mess in the first place!

Yesterday, My Beloved and I broke the news to the remaining family members who hadn’t already been told by my mother or his sister. We brought a cheesecake to his mom’s house for dessert with the words, “We’re Preggo!” written in chocolate chips across the top. She must’ve stared at it for 45 seconds before screaming with glee and then laughing/crying for ten minutes. It was just the response we had hoped for. I actually got a little teary-eyed for, like, the second time during the whole 15 weeks that I have been pregnant. (And this time, not because I really just wanted to chug a bottle of wine or sleep through the night…or you know…take my head OUT of the toilet for a whole ten minutes in a row…)



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