As Promised!

For your reading pleasure, I hearby present to you: 10 noteworthy blogs to which I am awarding the Tell Me About Yourself Award!!!


And the winners are: (Drumroll…)

1. Mommy Odyssey. A soon to be mommy, telling it like it is!

2. Chick, Filleted. This site makes me angry at humanity but feel like being as much of an ass-kicking woman as I can be!

3. And Squatch Makes Three. A daddy blog!!! Striving, as I am, not to be that parent!

4. DKingNeece.  Newly and unexpectedly pregnant! Sound familiar?

5. Kathryn Finding Balance.  A really brave and totally amazing blog about a very complicated relationship. Highly recommended reading!

6. Drive-Thru Bride. Seriously. She was a drive-thru bride!

7. I’ll Sleep When They’re Grown.  This is actually one of the first mommy-type blogs I started reading and was pleasantly surprised!

8. Dear #$&!% Baby.  This is a really funny blog about the joys of pregnancy. Love it!

9. Mad Sticky Notes. Not a Mommy Blog! Because sometimes, I need a distraction from my ever-expanding waistline!

10. Blended So Splendid. A blog by a person I actually know. Like, in real life! She writes about family, crafting and life in general. And with snark!


8 thoughts on “As Promised!

  1. Thanks for the acknowledgment! I was just about to blog about you (for reals) but thought I would come see what you were up to. Honestly, I still wish I wasn’t in this boat and didn’t have a blog to be “awarded” but alas, making somewhat sour tasting lemonade out of a rotten lemon. Okay maybe it’s not that bad. But anyway, thanks 🙂

  2. Holy shit, that’s me on that list! Sweet!

    Now, blame my idiocy on being new to the bloggy-sphere and ingesting approximately 1.5 tons of turkey and sugar in the last week, but am I supposed to do something?

    And the blog is awesome. You’re awesome. These other blogs are awesome. The word awesome is not awesome.

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