Pregnancy vs. A Tape Worm

So, when we were kids, my sister had this unending appetite. Like, she would eat all the food that was put in front of her and then slyly crawl into some unsuspecting victim’s lap and start to munch on their dinner, either while they weren’t paying attention or because she was so ridiculously adorable that they didn’t mind giving away all of their french fries. It could have gone either way. Everyone always joked that she MUST have a tape worm because no two-year-old could eat like that. Right? Well, internet, I am starting to truly identify with this insatiable desire for all things edible and I have been doing my research. As it turns out, pregnancy symptoms are a lot like having a tapeworm.

1. Nausea. Okay. This one is just too easy. Of course there is nausea.

2. Weakness. Ummm…yes. Sometimes, my poor legs can’t bear to carry my gigantic ass to the kitchen to stuff my face full of Cheez-its.  That has never happened before.

3. Diarrhea. This one I honestly haven’t had any trouble with personally, but I have heard that many preggos do.

4. Hunger or Loss of Appetite. Is that a sandwich you’re eating, internet? I am going to need to confiscate that. Thank you. Also, can you please fetch me a couple of blocks of sharp cheddar cheese, some french fries, and a strawberry banana smoothie? Wait. What was I talking about?

5. Fatigue. Zzzzzz…

Let’s face it, internet, a tape worm is a parasite that drains you of all your necessary nutrients, makes you weak, tired and constantly hungry and a fetus is a parasite that drains you of all your necessary nutrients, makes you weak, tired and constantly hungry.

(Also, this just in: Someone just found my blog by searching for “fetus is a parasite”. In my head, while reading this, I put it to the tune of “Your Body is a Wonderland”. While I hate this song, I really do enjoy the new lyrics.”)


5 thoughts on “Pregnancy vs. A Tape Worm

  1. Do you mean physical or psychological weakness? I consider ‘stuffing my face full of Cheez-its’ a sign of temporarily giving in to elementary desires, first of all a sign of being pregnant, but secondly, giving in.

    • I suppose it really could go either way. Not being able to lift myself TO stuff my face is one thing, but not being able to RESIST stuffing my face is another issue altogether. There it is. I am weak.

  2. This is so funny. I had my second baby about four months ago, and still think I have the tapeworm haha. Thanks for sharing:)

  3. Pregnancy sounds an awful lot like being a guy, too. Especially the stuffing my face full of Cheez-Its part.

    With the exception of the baby coming out of my nethers part. Obviously.

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