Registry Smegistry…

So, even though there is still a fair amount of frustration surrounding this Medicaid issue and the time it takes those morons to process anything or return a phone call or…you know…ANYTHING, I have been trying to focus on the positive aspects of “the home stretch” as it has been called. I wouldn’t necessarily say that I am nesting just yet, but I am definitely daydreaming about the day to come when I accidently drop a napkin on the floor at a restaurant and can effortlessly bend to retrieve it. Its the simple things, internet, that keep me truckin’ along. The main thing that I am trying to manage is my baby registry. With my shower being exactly a month from tomorrow, I am starting to feel ill-prepared and a little panicky about what I will need that I may not have thought of. (Some of this panic has also stemmed from a text message from my lovely, fellow preggo, Jess which read, “You don’t have enough stuff on your registry!!!”

My question to you, internet mommies and mommies-to-be?

What one item could you not live without? What is the best invention ever?



13 thoughts on “Registry Smegistry…

  1. Can’t speak from personal experience but my sister (who did recently have a baby) and my sister-in-law gave me tons of tips. Here are some major ones outside of the obvious (carseat, stroller, crib etc):
    – diaper pale (personal preference here, i went with the diaper genie even though it needs special inserts because i like that it’s a foot pedal, i don’t have to touch anything but drop the diaper in)
    – extra sheets for crib (middle of the night changing of sheets) and a mattress protector or 2 are handy. We happen to be using a pac n play too so I went with a few sheets for that as well (plus our daycare takes that size sheet)
    – boppy pillow – good for helping with feedings and also for tummy time and propping little one up
    – a mirror – to help with tummy time (babies love mirrors), also a play mat for floor time
    – a swing/bouncy seat or both. This is tricky because not every baby likes them so getting a used one could be best here but you’ll want SOMETHING you can set baby in safely and might even rock them to sleep or calm them
    – some sort of carrier (be it sling or bjorn or whatever) so you’re more mobile if baby needs to be carried around
    – bath supplies – i hadn’t actually thought of this one until late but my sister said – pick a product line (i went with aveeno) and put shampoo/lotion etc on there or else you’ll get tons of J&J and baby may have sensitive skin (i do). Also bath towels (hooded) and washcloths (and a tub if you want)
    – bottles, pacifiers, breast pump bags etc depending on what you’re doing here. You may want to start with a range of products, see what little one likes before commiting
    – swaddle blankets (aden & anais are great for a summer baby), and those swaddle things that you just zip your baby in at night (since they can’t use blankets, this can keep them warm but safe from suffocation)
    – burp cloths and bibs (my sister uses and swears by fabric diapers for burp clothes – very absorbent and she goes through a ton because her little one has acid reflux)
    – diaper bag (i forgot one of those till i was reminded), i also put in a diaper caddy type thing, comes with a changing pad and you can carry it to another part of the house to set up a temporary changing area etc.
    – temporal thermometer, you still want a rectal one because they are more accurate but you can use a temporal one to see if baby is getting warm (if they are then use the rectal to get an accurate reading).
    – I put a note on my registry that i would love if people just picked out books, toys, clothes they liked because I was getting so many of the necessities second hand. You could also put a few books/toys on your registry so people have small items to choose from and get an idea you want that type of stuff.

    Wow that’s long – i hope it helps!

  2. I liked the Boppy Pillow. I nursed my kids and it make it much more comfy. I just rest the baby on it and it made it easier for them to eat. You can use a regular pillow too, but this is more comfy.

    I liked the bumbo seat..for when they got a little bigger. It was just a change from the swing or bouncer thing. They actually got a chance to sit UP. It was easy to bring room to room too. I even fed the kids in it, there is a tray that can be added.

    I used breast pads in the beginning. My boobs leaked and they were nice to have.

    I am not sure if you are going to use bottles, I didn’t use that many. But, I think it might be good, not to buy too many too soon. If the child doesn’t use it or use it properly, it could be a waste of money. You may need to buy other types to get them to eat.

    I am pretty practical and some what brokeish. So, a lot of the things people say you “need,” you don’t. There are just things that can make your life easier. The things I mentioned, made my life easier. The Bobby, was good for my back, the bumbo, I would throw in the car or where ever and it was an instant chair to feed the baby. Breast pads? I guess, you could stuff anything into your bra, but this was already done for you. And the bottles….I don’t like wasting I bought a few at a time. When I knew they liked it…I bought more of that kind. But, I was a nurser, so one bottle was really all i needed lol.

  3. A swing! For when you just can’t take it any more and you need to set them down, take a shower, or just go cry in your room. It was a life saver for me. It was the only way I could get my daughter to go to sleep during certain phases. Some thinga I wish I got that I didn’t… A wipes warmer. I was told by a lot of people it was a silly waste o fmoney and I didn’t need it. For $14.99 it’s worth it not to hear the heart breaking screams of your newborn when you change their diaper. It gets better as they get older but would you want your vagina wiped with a freezing cold wipe? I wouldn’t! Also, a temporal thermometer. I didn’t have one. I had an ear thermometer. It is inacurate and the temporal one is what the Dr. offices use. Much more accurate! You will probably be paranoid the first few months of your baby’s life.

  4. Burp cloths for sure, lots and lots!
    A bottle steamer is fantastic, especially for middle of the night feedings when your half asleep and have to get a clean bottle ready.
    A wipe warmer…also very nice for baby. It used to break my heart when I had to wipe my kids bottom with a freezing cold wipe and they would just shiver half to death.
    Go ahead and stock up on baby lotion, diaper rash cream… Cause you will need it.
    Also a sleeper pillow for baby that keeps the baby sleeping on their side so they dont roll over. This came in handy for me many times, especially bcuz my son had heart issues to start with and he was on a heart monitor.
    A few good breatsfeeding bras, if you plan on breast feeding…as well as lanolin ointment to keep your nipple from drying out and hurting. Believe me, you will need it…if you plan to breast feed. It will spare you a ton of pain and it doesnt hurt the baby either.
    Lots and lots of bottles, even if you breast feed, you can pump and use them to put up for middle of the night feedings or if your out in public. I was always very discrete when I breast feed, some women arent, but I was, so this helped.
    A baby monitor
    Lots of onsies 🙂
    Recieving blankets
    A bottle of alcohol to use for the umblical cord
    Baby Einstein CD’s are great to play while baby is sleeping… Helps them get used to noise while sleeping, which will make your life easier later…trust me. Whatvere you do, when baby is sleeping, dont NOT make lots of noise. When baby sleeps, go vacuum, blare music or TV…otherwise baby will get in the habit of being a light sleeper and everytime a noise is made when baby is sleeping, will wake baby up, which Im sure you dont want.
    A bottle warmer is really great to have also.

    Hope that helps.

  5. I don’t know if I have anything to add to this! What a thorough list from your readers! I’d add a few things that we DIDN’T need:

    –Diaper Genie was a pain in the butt and you have to get special trash bags. We like the diaper champ and you can use a regular 13 or so gallon bag. And you don’t have to stuff your hand through a trap, you just turn a handle.
    –Nursing tanks and the sports bra type nursing bras from Target. Cheap and comfy. Don’t spend a dillion on granny-type bras that aren’t comfy to sleep in. Because there is leakage and you need contact to keep the flood gates in.
    –Swings, white noise machines, and vibrating chairs that run on batteries are the pits. Get ones that plug in because you will use these all night for many many nights.

    If you want to do cloth diapers, here are two guest posts on my blog talking ALL ABOUT IT. I am going to do it for round 2. It seemed intimidating at first, but it’s much much cheaper than disposables. And less waste, which is nice.

  6. Probably not something you would put on your registry, but these nursing bras are AWESOME It says they are “sleep” bras but I ended up wearing them under t shirts and stuff too. They are “wrap bras” so they made it easy to whip’em out when needed. Also I noticed all Motherhood nursing bras are buy 3 get 1 free right now.
    And yes, you will need a swing! And a bouncer!

  7. I would have to recommend the vibrating seat, as it put my first to sleep. My second, however, couldn’t stand it. Besides that, diapers and laundry detergent. Clothes you can get at Goodwill for CHEAP, and at the rate he/she will be outgrowing them, you may as well leave the tags on in case they are never worn. (I’m not trying to sound cheap… Just frugal. 🙂 )

  8. Oh goodness, let me think…. One of the best, and most used, things I purchased was this twenty dollar pink newborn and infant bathtub. My daughter is eleven months and still loves it. Best twenty bucks I ever spent:)

  9. I’m on the Peaceful Parenting facebook group and everone talks major sh*t about Boppy. My Brest Friend is the #1 favorite along with a few others. Here’s an amazon link and there’s a video about the different types and why my brest friend is safer/better.

    I would say the #1 thing to have on your registry is your Doula’s fee. I don’t know if you are planning to hire a doula or not, but yes, you should and put that shit on the registry and have some good friends gift that to you. It’ll be priceless.

    • That’s super good info! I haven’t really looked into a doula but I have been thinking about it, a lot of people seem to think it is a good idea. And we aren’t in a great financial position so, the registry idea is definitely a good one. Thank you!!!

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