On Progress

This morning I had my second (and hopefully final) phone interview for my second (and hopefully final) application for Medicaid. I have to say, it went so much better than the first one. My first experience with a live person at the Medicaid office left a very sour taste in my mouth. I spoke with a seemingly very bitter, very impatient woman who clearly had no compassion or people skills. This time, the lady was calm, helpful and wished me a good pregnancy (what’s left of it) and a good day. This may not seem like much to you, internet, but then, you may not have to deal with the Medicaid office. Trust me. Being wished a good day is almost as good as her handing me a wad of cash at this point.

I feel good. I feel like she explained to me EXACTLY (and not in a roundabout way) what I need to submit to them. (And I plan to submit it daily for the next ten days and then phone stalk and/or in-person stalk them for that same length of time.) I have all the information they need and I am pretty sure that there is little to no room for error at this point. (I am aware, however, of who I am dealing with and have not let out that sigh of relief just yet.)

I have an appointment with the county health department on Monday morning. This resulted when I spent over a week trying to get proof of my pregnancy correctly sent to the Medicaid office by the Health Department and was told by a gentleman from the department itself that his employees at the Health Center were incompetent and that I should not leave that office until the information has been sent directly to him and I have been given an appointment to see a doctor. This worked, but I had to wait two weeks and now really have no idea what kind of an appointment this even is. I know it will last two hours and that I’d better not be late. Or else, says the incompetent lady with the bad weave.

Either way, things APPEAR to be going in the right direction. And I am still optimistic. And I haven’t murdered or mamed anyone yet! Hooray! If you think about it, ladies and gents, send some good juju or prayers (or whatever good vibes you believe in) this way. I gotta get this thing going! My little bean is already a black belt in karate!


7 thoughts on “On Progress

  1. Okay wow. So this makes me think, here you are, a smart capable determined woman with internet access and a brain. And look how hard it is for you to accomplish this. Look how long you have been working on it. OMG!!! How is anyone with less smarts, less determination, or less resources supposed to get this done? No wonder things are a mess.
    Sending prayers and vibes your way!

    • It really is infuriating, for one. But so sad, as well! I can’t imagine how many people have it worse than I do because of the system alone, not to mention those who aren’t as fortunate and, for lack of a better word, able.

      Thanks for the prayers and vibes! I’m crossing fingers and toes at this point!

  2. Attagirl. I have been harassing the medicaid office too. They’re over their 15 day limit and keep saying how surprised they are that no one has worked on my case yet. I’M not surprised, but it helps that they keep apologizing. Just keep bugging them, like every day. And if you haven’t gotten that proof of preg, go to Planned Parenthood (you have to make an appt) and get one for $20. Won’t take you 2 weeks, promise.

    • Yeah, I have the proof of pregnancy. That was actually, surprisingly easy to obtain at the County Health Center, I just had to wait for 3.5 hours in the office and endure a killer craving for cheese enchiladas. But I made it. The problem was getting correct information from anyone at the Health Center and/or Medicaid office as to what the next step was and how to move forward. They seem to like to tell you that you did things incorrectly at these places but then never really offer the correct information to avoid such mistakes. I think I have sufficiently circulated my proof of pregnancy throughout the state now. I actually think I got a congrats card from the Obamas last week. haha…

  3. What type of hospital does the medicaid provide for? WE are fortunate that we are garuanteed free primary health care, which included antenatal and birthcare. But the quality of care one receives is frightening in many aspects.

    Are government hospitals also as “bad” over there as here?

    • Let me preface this by saying that I am not all that familiar with what Medicaid’s limitations are as I have yet to have even been given the go-ahead but from what I gather:
      1. I will be able to deliver at the same hospital that I had planned to. We don’t have, at least where I live, have hospitals that see only government patients, so I am not SURE but I think I could deliver at any public hospital and Medicaid would cover it.
      2. From what people who have made it through the Medicaid Maze, I have learned that the visits and birth will be no charge to me once my application is processed and accepted. After the baby is born, however, I have to do this all again and start a Medicaid application which will include Baby L.
      3. I am really very confident in the care I will recieve once I have Medicaid because it is up to specific doctors as to whether or not they accept it in their practices, so I still have a somewhat wide range of docs to choose from. Luckily, my previous OB accepts Medicaid and will most likely be able to see me (fingers crossed) after I am covered.

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