A Little Bigger, No?

Here I am today at 28 weeks. I hate this picture and really can’t stand to look at it at all, but I do still want to document this whole pregnancy thing and figured, what the hell. I can’t really hide this anymore, right? Yeah. And I waddle too. I am a sexy bitch.




6 thoughts on “A Little Bigger, No?

  1. C! I think you are pregnant! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    And regarding the not being able to bend over thing, I remember taking a shower and getting the top half of my body really sudsy and then shimmying around so that the soap drips down and washes the lower half of my body. If anyone had ever walked in on me, that would have been quite a sight.

    • What?! Pregnant?! No…I couldn’t be!

      I haven’t gotten quite to that point yet, but I am fairly certain that I am on my way. I actually saw you when you were six months pregnant and I remember wondering how you moved around with that thing sticking out of you…I get it now. It sucks and it is really hard.

      P.S. I want a glass of wine. Right NOW.

    • Haha! Thank you. I actually haven’t had that many people even attempt to rub my belly. Just my mom and step-dad and one of MB’s uncles which was weird. My sister says that people who know me, probably know better and people who don’t, are probably terrified to attempt it. I guess I put that out there. But definitely, I didn’t mind my sister doing it, and I whole-heartedly encourage MB to be in contact with the belly whenever possible. It just seems like…a little too intimate for me, I guess. Who knows?!

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