Updates on Week 30

Now that you all know how I did with the shower and all the belly touching, I thought I would enlighten you on how Week 30 of pregnancy was for me. Like, without all the cuteness and gratefulness of that post-shower post.

1. I’m either ravenously hungry or so full that I could vomit. The ravenously hungry thing happens several times a day and has to be remedied within minutes or I will get the torturous “heartburn of death”. The disgustingly full thing happens, usually, after I have had three bites of something that I really, really want to eat. Like ice cream. Or a cheeseburger. It is pretty frustrating, at this point. Eating has become terribly annoying.

2. My pelvis is being pulled apart by some invisible force. I feel that someone bangs on it with a hammer while I am sleeping. Or sitting. Or after I walk for more than 20 minutes straight. I am pretty sure that this is one of the most awful things I have ever experienced.

3. There is absolutely no comfortable position to sleep in. I have tried the whole body pillow thing, which did seem to relieve some of the pressure on my pelvis but it also relieved me of the ability to sleep in the same bed with MB, which is tolerable sometimes, but sometimes makes it harder to sleep just because he isn’t there. I have tried stacking pillows in ridiculous positions all around my body, which works for a period of time, until I start hurling (from what I am told) them in all different directions so that I can *get comfortable.

*A myth for pregnant women in their third trimester.

4. I have begun to waddle. I don’t think that I need to say much about this because if you have ever SEEN a really pregnant woman, then you are familiar with this.  It makes me feel like a giant penguin.

5. I am not AS obsessed with cake as I was several weeks ago. I can’t say that my cravings for it have stopped completely, and I won’t lie and tell you that I don’t drool every time I pass this place. (OMG, tiramisu cupcakes. TO. DIE. FOR.) But, for the most part, my cravings for cupcakes have been replaced with cravings for Easy Cheese and/or grapefruit juice. 

6. The peeing has become ridiculous. I feel that I cannot go 35 seconds without peeing. Usually, this pattern starts as soon as I get comfortable in my bed (comfort in bed IS a myth, unless you will be forced to get right up, then it comes quite often) or if I have gone into a store that I am sure will have the most disgusting public restroom ever (the other day, I gagged for a full five minutes after entering a public restroom and peeing at lightning speed and running out, hands still soapy). 

I had a prenatal appointment yesterday and everything appears to be going just as it should be. Glucose test results were “wonderful”, heartbeat is “perfect”, and Baby L seems to be growing at a normal rate. I, on the other hand, am slightly anemic but was assured that I am SO slightly anemic that there is nothing to worry about right now.

So, there you have it.  Now, bring on Week 31!


I did, however, forget #7 wherein I mention the fatigue. Oh, holy Jeebus, the fatigue. I could probably sleep for 16 hours per day if that were acceptable (or if I could do it without anyone knowing what a slack ass I would be). Even though I am almost never comfortable, I can usually sleep about 9-10 hours per night (or at least mostly sleep) and still feel like I could wake up, eat breakfast, and then promptly take a nap. I am starting to develop a desire to start this nesting thing I hear so much again, but I don’t have the energy to move off of the couch. What is a girl to do?


9 thoughts on “Updates on Week 30

  1. Wow, I could seriously just copy and paste this post to my blog because everything you wrote is exactly what I was going to write for my 30th week (except my cravings are still cupcakes and fries). We’re almost there! 🙂

  2. My cousin, who is a midwife, says that ALL women get slightly anemic around the 30th week and the typical regular standard OBGYN does NOT understand it. I was prescribed iron pills, but my cousin said that since low iron (NOT anemia) is common, it would be ridiculous to take them. It has to do with the 50% increase in fluids the body produces when “heavy with child” and the normalizing of all the shit inside said fluid. One of those things being iron levels. Iron should rise on its own, or if you’re a weirdo like me, I bought Vitamin C supplements and I take 1 500mg pill (one per day, but I take it right before I eat an iron-rich food to help absorption.)

    I just hit 31 weeks, so we’re belly twins, pretty much. =D

    • Oh, that is really good information! Thank you! I wasn’t really concerned about it too much because I have always been slightly anemic and she didn’t (luckily, because they make me sick) give me supplements. I am just going to try and load up on iron-rich stuff just to try and regulate it. But yeah, that is definitely helpful!
      How cute! Yep, 31 weeks for me, started today! NINE MORE TO GO!!!

  3. I am also anemic and the iron pills were crazy expensive so I actually decided to start taking over the counter pills and I think that are helping just as much as the expensive ones.

    Also, the sleeping thing…I am totally with you on that. My body pillow is no longer helpful. So, now I use 4 pillows to create an incline and spend half the night practically sitting up straight to sleep (leaning up against 2 pillows turned on their long ends). Nights are pretty miserable. Luckily, not much longer to go!

  4. Ugh, eating is misery for me too. I don’t know who these women are who talk about wanting to eat 5000 calories a day during their third trimesters. I go through times when I have to force myself to eat something just so the baby can get some nutrients. So tired of this war with food!

    • I hear that after all is said and done and the baby is out, we will feel like eating again. And not just eating but super eating. I can’t even imagine at this point, what that must be like. I just had a half a bowl of corn flakes for dinner and I am already full. And I only ate to avoid heartburn. Uuuggghhhhh.

  5. it’s just oddly comforting to know that someone whom you haven’t met shares the very things that you’re going through right now.. i’m on week 34 and trust me on this.. i know exactly how you feel 😉

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