Over the weekend, MB and I attempted to remedy some of the clutter that has started accumulating due to the abundance of new things we are acquiring for Baby L. We managed to clean out the closet in our bedroom and switch some things around, making more room in the spare bedroom and some other minor things, which was pretty satisfying. I have, despite the intense urge to organize, been so exhausted, that I have been unable to do little without MB’s help. That, my friends, is super frustrating. I wonder why the “nesting” part of this process can’t happen during the time when you aren’t narcoleptic and in severe pain. Who came up with this damn schedule? I feel frustrated with the progress (or lack thereof) that I feel we are making on things, but then I realize that I still have several weeks and will just have to start working at a pace that I can handle. And make lots of honey-do lists for MB. He doesn’t seem to mind cleaning things that I can’t reach. Or lifting boxes and moving them from one place to another. And he knows that soon, he will be assembling strange devices and massaging my calves, possibly simultaneously. The housecleaning thing has made me feel slightly more prepared, either way. I have a plan. And that is better than where I was two weeks ago.

Housecleaning is sort of liberating though. There is something really freeing about getting rid of old things and finding places for things that have sort of just lingered around for the past months. My urge to clean house is spreading to other areas of my life. Namely, Facebook. I will tell you, internet, Facebook housecleaning is more difficult than cleaning toilets, if only because I fear deleting friends will hurt feelings. And, well, to my knowledge, toilets are without feelings. I am, though, as I have mentioned before, very private about things and Facebook is one of those places where privacy is pretty hard to come by (duh, the internet). I can control what I post and who sees it, but I can’t control what people say to me on my page, therefore, trying to keep my personal life personal is a little difficult. To date, I have basically been managing my privacy settings on facebook by creating groups and adding people to a “restricted” list instead of deleting them. Why? Because I am a wuss. Do I want these people all up in my bidness? Evidently not. Can I delete them without the guilt of having done it? NO. Because I am a super-wuss.  But I’m just going to go ahead and rip off the band-aid. Because I really only want the people I actually care about to get to share my new life with me. Why is it so hard to passive-agressively tell people that they suck the life out of you and you don’t want them involved in the happy new life you’re leading? You would think that would be easy!

In other news, I have another sonogram next week and I am super excited about it. This should be the last time we see Baby L before she actually arrives. That’s kind of bittersweet, because I am already so tired of waiting but I am glad that we will at least get to see her one more time to hold us over. The last time I had an ultrasound, the tech said that the baby was breech and that “hopefully, she’ll turn before next time”, which, of course, made my mom a nervous wreck as I, too, was breech and premature and my mom has catastophic visions of everything because she is psycho. I’m not worried at this point, though, because I was only about 29 weeks at that point and I’ve read a lot that says that the baby will usually turn around 36 weeks. So, fingers are crossed there.

I also went ahead and scheduled our tour of the maternity suites at the hospital where I will deliver. I’ve been there before and am pretty sure that I know what I am getting into, I did choose to deliver there after all, but I am excited to do this with MB because every day he seems to be hit more and more with the “Holy shit, I’m gonna be a DAD!” realization. (Which, by the way, is super adorable.)

I know I am late in doing this, but we are still not signed up for a birthing class. The hospital where I am delivering offers several “marathon classes” which are held all in one day on a weekend so we are going to try and get into one of those in the next couple of weeks. They aren’t terribly expensive and I am pretty excited about attending. If you took a birthing class, how was your experience?

I think that’s about all that’s happening with me so far this week. You know, aside from trying to stay awake for more than two consecutive hours and not inhaling entire bags of Cheetos.


10 thoughts on “Housekeeping!

    • Don’t you hate that? I can’t even watch commercials anymore because if I see a commercial for any sort of food, I am immediately convinced that I MUST have it and that no other food item will do. Uggghhh…lol

  1. As far as cleaning goes, I have found that the show “Hoarders, Buried Alive” often motivates me to frantically clean the house and toss away things I no longer need. I highly recommend it to kick the nesting phase into gear earlier on in the pregnancy. That’s my future pregnancy plan.

  2. Our experience at the birthing class was kind of silly, but that was mostly because the other participants in the class were also kind of silly. I know there’s “no such thing as a dumb question” and everything, but in actuality there IS, and the other participants had lots of them. A couple of times I actually felt like I had my shiznit in gear. I’m glad we went, though, purely because the nurses who conducted the express class are also LD nurses at the hospital where we’re delivering, so it was good to get a feel for them.

    • That’s what I’m afraid of. I hate being stuck in situations with people who shouldn’t be allowed to speak in groups, it seems that that’s how it goes for me all the time. BUT, I do think that even if I don’t get a whole lot out of it, MB will. I guess I have to buckle down and make a decision though, not too long now!

  3. My labor class consisted of my cousin (L&D nurse) walking me through labor with a nice little booklet as a model, in between contractions in my mother’s kitchen. Then we went to the hospital. Crash studying was always kind of my thing, though, lol.

  4. you may find in the last week or two you get a surge of energy to do all those nesting projects. that was true for me anyway. Also Facebook does not notify people when you unfriend them, just so you know…. they would only notice if they actively sought to post on your page.

  5. Congratulations! I am loving reading your blog. Good luck and I want Cheetos now and I’m in the UK…darn! Our experience is different and its very early days which promted me to start blogging. I can’t tell anyone in my family yet so have to get it out somewhere! x

    • Ooooh…sorry about that Cheeto craving. It seems I shouldn’t mention things that I happen to be eating (or dying to inhale) in blog posts! It seems to lead to bad results for preggo readers!

      Thanks so much for reading!!!

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