I haven’t even HAD my baby girl yet and this already stresses me out!

milk & honey ~ geeks & gangstas

If you haven’t figured it out already, your role as a parent includes keeping your daughter off the pole, which requires setting standards of how she should expect to be treated by others, as well as explaining her anatomy to her.  As much of a free spirit as I am about sexuality and femininity, I found the latter to be one of the more difficult lessons for me to relay to my 4-year-old.  It all started when she was 3, and stopped wearing diapers. I was so proud of myself.  Potty-training– DONE. The next thing I know, we’re watching cartoons and I see her chubby little toddler fingers exploring her nether regions. I mean, you can’t blame her– she’d never had access to that part of her body back in diaper-land.  Undies offer a freedom that I had to teach her to respect.

“What are you doing, pumpkin?” “I’m touching my privacy,” she says matter-of-factly in her…

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  1. LOL girl you gotta relax. Parenting is a wild ride, and you’ll do great. We just gotta stick together, or else the children WILL. KILL. US. Find yourself a little “book club” where you drink wine and laugh about your kids’ crazy antics. It’s really more like a support group.

  2. I’m still trying to get my 9 yr old to sit in a dress without showing her Notorious V.A.G to the world. It’s an ongoing battle.
    P.S. – I am amazed that I have not been following Milk & Honey. I’m in love.

  3. I’m thinking it might be necessary to tape her legs together once she discovers herself. This could prove difficult for bathroom situations but might remedy those other issues…

    I know, right? I just found it not too long ago too! Awesome 🙂

  4. Well, considering my 5 yr old recently asked if I would join her on a stage if she ever became “shy” whilst dancing naked (think full body pelvic thrusting), I have failed as a parent. My only response was: “yes”. You gotta support a bitch.

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