Kind of a Big Deal

I know many of my readers are pregnant ladies ad many of you are aware that I was terminated from my employment just two days after announcing my pregnancy. I urge you to PLEASE read! Pregnancy discrimation is alive and kicking. Help stop it!

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“Tina,” who is pregnant and works as a health aide in a nursing home, is told by her doctor that she should not lift more than 35 pounds.  Her job description requires lifting 40 pounds regularly, but lighter duty jobs, such as answering the phone and working at the reception desk, are available.  Nevertheless, her employer stops scheduling her for shifts and tells her she must take unpaid Family Medical Leave, which would run out before the delivery of her baby and leave her without the income she needs to pay the 50% of her medical insurance her employer does not cover.  Left with no choice, Tina loses her job.

“Jessica,” who is pregnant and works as a pharmacist’s assistant, needs to sit down occasionally throughout her day.  Chairs are available for customers, but the pharmacy does not permit the staff to use them.  As a result, Jessica loses her…

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3 thoughts on “Kind of a Big Deal

  1. I wrote. Shared. Reshared and pushed it on as many people as humanly possible.

    Congressman Tom Marino
    181 West Tioga Street
    Suite 2
    Tunkhannock, Pa 18657

    Dear Congressman Marino,

    Few instances arise in my life and work that spurn me to action on a political level, but the support needed for this particular movement is of the most importance to me. I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, and an employee. My success in all of these facets hinges on my ability to provide emotionally and financially for my family. I have worked since the legal age in Pennsylvania, uninterrupted, for the entirety of my 26 years. To think that a pregnancy could strip me of the ability to do this is unjust and frankly, unfathomable.

    At a time in history when it is common, and in many circumstances necessary, to have both parents in a family working full time, at a time when economic hardships touch both sides of the poverty line, at a time when family is often the last thing left intact, we cannot permit unfair treatment of a valuable resource to our country, the pregnant woman. It is with this in mind that I ask you to wholly support the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act.

    As a pregnant working mother, I can say with unmatched certainty that ‘pregnant’ is not synonymous with ‘impaired’. The simple act of carrying a child does not impede our mental faculties, it does not exempt us from our duties of employment, and it does not deter our desire to provide for our families. If we as workers are able to meet the requirements asked of us by our employers, we should be granted the benefit of a full term pregnancy while behind our desk, at the wheel, at the head of the classroom, or wherever our calling lies.

    As a mother, worker, and resident in your district, I beg of you: Please support the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act.

    Kindest Regards,

    McKenzie R. Haraschak

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