I Know, I Know

I’ve been a slacktastic blogger. In my defense, however, I’d like to point out that I am not (nor have I ever been) a kid person and now I have one. A really tiny one. Whose sleep schedule is ridiculous. And who may or may not be a vampire. Just sayin’. Anyway, I will, this week, assuming I remember how to turn on my laptop, post the birth story. And possibly some other snippets from my new life as caretaker and mother of a vampire child.

In the meantime, here is a photo taken yesterday during my friend Tara’s photo shoot with vampire Baby L.



4 thoughts on “I Know, I Know

  1. Ahhhhh! So freaking cute! I almost got the same dress for Miss C 🙂

    You have the most valid excuse known to man to be a slacktastic blogger. Take as long as you need. We’ll be here when you return. Now go snuggle that sweet vampire!

  2. That’s a cute vampire! I’m convinced my daughter is a zombie. When she’s hungry she makes this grunting noises and tries to eat my face. We call her the flesh-eater. Kinda creepy and completely adorable all at the same time!
    and welcome back!

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