I Have Returned…

I’m not even going to discuss the fact that it took AT&T almost TWO WEEKS to make my internet work at the new place. Nope. Not gonna talk about that. Because, as tired and frustrated as I currently am, I would likely go batshit crazy if I had to think about it anymore. The only thing that matters is, the internet is on now. And I can finally update my BLOG!!! And, if you’ll forgive me, I’m not really even sure where to start…so…a LIST!

1. Two weeks ago, MB, Baby L and I moved across town into a house with the family. This has been mostly a positive experience. I love his family, we have a huge master bedroom and the much needed privacy that I was worried about not having, and I have help with Baby L pretty much whenever I need it. These are all positive things. But then there is the issue of living with another child. One who never, EVER sits down or stops jumping. This is definitely taking some getting used to. But I have learned to lock doors behind me to prevent any sort of unwanted child interaction and that seems to have worked. Most of the time.

2. Our giant master bedroom is completely insanely messy because, after we got all of our clothes hung up in the closet and boxes stacked on top, all of the closet shelves fell down. This has since been fixed. And then has fallen again, leaving a crazy pile of who knows what all over the floor and nowhere to put it until more shelving is installed. Needless to say, there are, because of lack of a closet, still boxes stacked in the room. And they are driving me INSANE. Because, internet, if I have to live in someone else’s house, I just need there to be a whole lot of order.

3. Baby L will be THREE WHOLE MONTHS OLD on Sunday and I can’t freaking believe it. She’s cooing and smiling and clutching things and being ridiculously cute and perfect and I still have days where I can’t believe I actually had a BABY. But, I have to say, it is so amazing to get to see all the new things she does and new facial expressions she makes. And I can’t help but love dressing her up in adorable little outfits. Dolls never appealed to me as a kid, but man, I love dressing this kid!


4. Is it weird that at almost three months, I can feel little tooth nubs in her mouth? Isn’t it quite early for that, y’all?

5. Wedding plans are in the works! And that’s all I am really going to say now, because I want to get it all planned out, but I will tell you this; will probably take place two months from today and will involve some bright lights and an Elvis or two. (Let the diet begin!!!)

That’s really all the time I have for now, internet, but I will be catching up on all of your blogs TODAY! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a diaper to attend to. Not mine. Just clarifying.



17 thoughts on “I Have Returned…

  1. Yay for internet connections! I seriously would have gone insane after two days without internet, so I don’t know how you managed on two weeks.

    Teeth. Oh, teeth. We’re going through the same thing. Every day I just tell myself, “this too shall pass.”

    • I really was going insane! And try finding an appropriate Elvis to marry you without Internet! No fun!

      Doesn’t it seem like it is too soon for tools for CHEWING?!

  2. Welcome back! I have a list of comments:
    1. “But I have learned to lock doors behind me to prevent any sort of unwanted child interaction and that seems to have worked. Most of the time.” – you will use this tactic for the rest of your life as a parent, including with your own children. Be glad you learned it early on.
    4. Teeth?! Holy crap! Gummy has been drooling non-stop, so I’m on the lookout for teeth myself. And I am not ready either.
    5. If you are referring to my city as your wedding destination (I don’t where else you would get bright lights and more than one Elvis)…we may need to meet for a drink and let Baby L and Gummy give some love. Just sayin’. Or if you need help or advice or some tips on what to see and do, you know who to talk to. (Me)

  3. You’re back! I’ve been slightly stalking. Baby L is getting cuter every day. Eebs got her first tooth around 7 months, but that might be when I remember her first start biting my nips. Truth. Then she took a break and weened herself at 14.5 months because there was more biting that nursing.

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