The Big Chill (Errr…Cold, Rather)

So, I know I promised a post. And I have been writing one in my head. But then, Baby L got a cold. And I immediately looked up all of her symptoms (snot, snot, and then some more snot) on web MD baby and was convinced that she had whooping cough. And ten everyone sat around and watched me have about 37 heart attacks. Because I’m quite entertaining as it turns out. So there were many after-hours nurse calls and there was an appointment with a new doctor. All of which confirmed that I was doing everything possible to relieve my precious little thing…but still there wa the snot. So the new doctor told me to give her 2ml of Benadryl. And I did, even though I thought that Benadryl was a little extreme…so I had 37 more heart attacks. But Baby L slept like a champ and woke up smiling and happy as a cute little clam.

All was going well until I fed her. And ten she started spitting up. And not your usual tiny little dribble, either. It was a river of mucusy, thick disgustingness. And it went on like this all day. And by outfit number four, I started to think, Oh my GOD my baby is going to starve to death!” Because, you know, it wasn’t stressful enough to go to bed every night thinking that she was going to choke in her sleep. Or that the humidifier was going to spontaneously combust and the whole house would catch fire while we slept. No. Now my baby was starving. And we were both covered in mucus. (I know there is probably a movie image that I could insert here for comparison, but I am too drained to think of it. Feel free to insert your own.)

Of course there was another call to the nurse. And of course she told me what I already know and assured me that Baby L was just getting rid of all the nasty stuff from the congestion. But I still wanted to bang my head against the wall until I passed out. (I resorted to Pinot Grigio.) And MB, if he wasn’t sure before, is now painfully aware of the extent of my untreated anxiety. But…after a couple of small bottles of clear pedialyte and a good night sleep, Baby L is alive and steadily trying to figure out how to grab her feet. There has been very little mucus. There has been very little snot. And no one has had to change their clothes. And it is almost 9am!




8 thoughts on “The Big Chill (Errr…Cold, Rather)

    • The doc kind of looked at me like I was insane when I suggested that it might be whooping cough. I guess they probably deal with psychotic first time moms all the time. Lol

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