Things to Miss…

Being a mom is pretty awesome. And it is rewarding in ways that I can’t even explain to people who don’t have kids. Because there is nothing like it. Every day there is something that amazes me about Baby L. Like how she found her feet and has yet to get bored of them. And how she giggles when her dad asks her in a silly voice where to get tickets. (Because we were watching the finale of Hell’s Kitchen and he was talking about how he wanted to go to the restaurant, and he asked her if he needed to have tickets. And for some reason, THIS is hilarious to her…) And if I could go back in time and make a different decision about having a baby, I wouldn’t change a damn thing. But there are some things that I miss…and if I could go back, I would take full advantage of.

1. Sleeping. OH. MY. GOD. I want to sleep until noon, you guys. I want it more than I have ever wanted it before. And it isn’t even like I don’t have a chance to sleep these days. Baby L sleeps all night (usually) and wakes up in a great mood and is all smiles. But it doesn’t seem to matter to my body. Because after being up with her all day, I sort of feel like I could sleep for a week straight. What’s UP with that? And if there are preggos out there (and you know who you are) and you want a word of advice?  SLEEP AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. Because you may never sleep or feel rested AGAIN.

2. Leaving the house without guilt. It doesn’t matter how often we go out or how long we’re gone. Or who is watching Baby L. I feel guilty. I want to be with her all day, every day. But then…I desperately want to DO things. Like, with other adults. And booze.

3. My old body. I always sort of thought I was a fatty. And I don’t dispute that I have always been a little overweight. But I had normal people boobs and a flat(ish) stomach. And no stretch marks. If I could go back in time and slide on that bikini, I totally would. And I would live in it for a month. But…now I am sporting a mommy suit, y’all. A mommy suit.

4. Quality time with MB. This is probably going to be another post entirely someday soon. Everyone told me that our relationship would change. And holy crap, has it changed. I wouldn’t say that this is bad. But finding time to spend alone together has proven to be quite the difficult task. But, we’re working on it.

5. Not being so freaking anal retentive. I’ve always been sort of…particular? That might be a good way to describe it without painting me into “that crazy lady”…But I am totally getting there. I am terrified of germs. Restaurants. Little kids. Mosquitoes. Bacteria. Infections. Vaccinations. Tomatoes. (This is not new, they gross me out…) Shopping carts. Seat belts. I could go on, but I think you are getting the point. I would be totally content if I could live inside a bubble with the little one. You know, because things in the world are dirty, you guys.

6. Not being covered in someone else’s bodily fluids for 23 hours of every day. This is pretty self explanatory. I mean…unless you like that sort of thing.

Oh, preggos. I really hope you know what you’re getting yourselves into!


7 thoughts on “Things to Miss…

  1. Ah! I feel in a bind! A) I am EXHAUSTED TODAY I feel I could topped over at any second. I just took a trip to the building next door to see if they had any chocolate milk because that is all I wanted but all they had was hot chocolate and that was a no go for me. B) I am going to go to the gym to do Body Pump in order to get more energy even though I just feel like sleeping.
    So between #1 (sleep) and #3 (body) ….. how about I go to the gym then go home and go to sleep early. Sounds like a good compromise.

  2. I was just thinking about this the other day. I miss sitting in the front seat with my husband when we go places as a family. Still can’t bring myself to let her sit in the back by herself. I know, I am a proto-helicopter parent.

  3. You read my mind again! I could copy and paste this post as my own.

    Even with a 2 hour nap, it doesn’t feel like I’ve had a good, rested sleep since I was pregnant. I really miss one-on-one time with the hubby too, we can’t sit through an episode of Modern Family without the little one crying or needing a change. And oh, my pre-bump body! I’m losing my hair chunks at a time and I’m seriously scared I’m going bald.

    …but then you look down at those buggy eyes and when your baby smiles, it really is all worth it 🙂 I just don’t know if I can do this again yet.

  4. I can relate. Everyday my 7 month old son amazes me…and then I wonder will he be tired enough to sleep without crying for his pacificer when it comes out at 2am in the morning. LOL! It really is great being a mom. I do love it. I love seeing his smile and how everyday is new to him as it is to me. He’s excited and innocent. Its wonderful being a parent even though it is exhausting some times.

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