A Few Things

So…my Internet is out again, which makes me want to cut someone. I don’t have the patience to speak with the fucktards at AT&T anymore but I really need to get on party planning for our reception after the Vegas vacation/wedding. Oh, the stress!

Since I’ve been gone:
1. Baby L started teething. Like, legit. Teething sucks so much ass. There is screaming and fussing and not sleeping. Copious amounts of drool. And she likes to gnaw on my shoulder. A lot.

2. I found a dress for the wedding. It contains the mammoth boobs quite nicely. I’m so relieved. It’s not a wedding dress but I really like it and I will feel super comfy and ready to party!

3. I can’t stand my fiance’s brother. The end.

4. “Rent” has been on almost every day. And while I much prefer the play and I own the DVD, I can’t stop watching it.

5. This happened:



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