Airplane Panic

Diaper Change in the Sky

Diaper Change in the Sky (Photo credit: andycarvin)

In less than a week, MB, Baby L and I will be taking our first vacation as a family. Am I super excited? Hell yes. Am I freaking out a little? Hell YES.

This might come as a shock to you, given how much I loved kids before I had one, but I have never traveled with an infant before. Before I had Baby L, I’d never even driven with one in my car. And the anxiety I had about that alone was astonishing. Now I get to bring my tiny person to the airport and through security and on an airplane. And OH MY GOD, the anxiety. As competent as I feel now as a mom, I just know that I will forget something important. Like, formula. I will be so concerned about remembering my toothbrush that I will forget that this little lady has to eat.

Not to mention the three hour time difference. Baby L is going to be asleep by 7 pm and wide awake and ready to play at 4 in the morning. Because it seems that, even though all of the adults will be running around like crazy people, it would be right to let her keep Florida time so that when we get home, she isn’t all messed up with the sleep thing. Because we all know how important sleep is to mommies.

I feel sort of insane with all the lists I have floating around the house and in my head. Lists of things to do before we leave. Lists of things to pack for Baby L. Lists of regular, every day things that I am most likely to forget. Lists of reasons to be nice to MB’s brother while we’re there, even though I want to punch him in his nether-region. Lists of restaurants in Las Vegas that don’t allow smoking. LIST after LIST after LIST, internet.

I feel like my mom.

For those of you who have traveled with your little ones, any words of wisdom?


12 thoughts on “Airplane Panic

  1. Request the pat-down in lieu of the x-ray scanner thing. Even though they say it’s safe, there’s no reason to unnecessarily expose an infant to radiation.

  2. All restaurants in Las Vegas are smoke free. It’s the law. Unless it’s a bar that serves food…they seem to get a free pass. It’s walking through the casinos that will kill you. That’s one less list you’ll need!

    • Ahhh, good to know! Thank you. Last time I was there, I think you could smoke EVERYWHERE. Which is fine, I guess, but not really baby-friendly! I will cross that list…off my…list! lol

      • I’m here to help! They passed the law a few years ago. So any restaurant you choose should be safe. Some patios will allow smoking, but generally not.
        I’m a list maker, too…so the least amount of lists, the better, in my opinion.

  3. I was thinking you could roll over MBs brothers foot with a stroller or something and then just blame me, cuz I love you like that.

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