I could have written this post myself. And I probably did…in my head…while not sleeping,

Southern Fried in Vegas

I have a 7 month old that won’t sleep.
Scratch that.
I have a child that will not go to sleep without her pacifier, who wants to play in her crib instead of nap in it, and sleeps – only if I’m holding her or laying next to her in my bed. If I hold her to go to sleep, then put her in her crib, she wakes up every few hours (or on the bad nights every hour) and wants her pacifier or to hold my hand while she goes back to sleep. She refuses to let her dad calm her back to a slumber.

None of my other kids did this. They both slept beautifully. Before I had Gummy I had the strict opinion that babies and kids did not belong in their parents beds. Or rather – my kids did not belong in my bed. I knew, though, that because…

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  1. Our Doodle did great sleeping in his own room. Based on having to share a room, I’m not sure you could duplicate that. I do know that during a few different moves while we didn’t have the option of separate rooms, it was considerably harder. We even just used a large tapestry hanging from the ceiling for one of those loves and that helped. Maybe that divider might help, I’m convinced that if he woke up and saw us he was more upset than waking up and not seeing us. Or waking up, us fixing whatever the issue was, then leaving him again in his groggy sleepy state. We also made it very dull and boring when we’d help him in the middle of the night, I think it helped him learn that it wasn’t any fun to get up, better to just sleep and get more rest. Good luck, it’s so hard when no one is getting the sleep they need. :/

  2. Ugh. Do I relate to this. I recommend the book “The No-Cry Sleep Solution”. It was actually helpful. If I still had my copy, I’d send it to you, especially b/c I have other things I want to send you anyway. When I tried the “crying it out” thing (1 time), O cried so hysterically that he vomited. So, I was like, forget that. And I researched the vomiting when Ferberizing (when being Ferberized?) thing, and apparently it happens, and apparently Dr Ferber says to just clean the baby up and put him back in the crib. So, apparently he is evil.

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