Solution? Or Bigger Dilemma?

If you’re wondering where Baby L and I have been hiding out, we found a place to rent and have been busy moving! I have to say, I don’t love moving. I don’t love packing. Or unpacking. And not knowing where my shit is. But I AM a fan of sleeping in my own house. Without being awoken by a screeching five-year old who doesn’t want to wear a jacket to kindergarten. So all this disarray? Totally worth it, you guys.

Unfortunately, we currently (but hopefully very temporarily) are without a washer and dryer, a microwave, and a fridge. Yes. A fucking fridge. It is broken and I am hungry 137% of the time because I am 6 months pregnant. So that is pretty awesome. I mean totally NOT awesome.

But, again, no screeching five-year-old.

I can dig it.

Tonight will be our second night in the new house and it will officially be the first night ever that Baby L will not be sleeping in the same room with me. With the exception of our wedding night. And let me tell you, ladies and gents, I am freaking.theFuck.OUT. I know I have bitched a bit about sleeping with my kid. But you know what Internet? Whatever! I am going to miss snuggling with my baby furnace. What about my husband, you ask? What about snuggling with that guy? Eh. He’s a good smuggler and all that…but he’s not my baby!!

I don’t really know if I can do this, you guys. Seriously.


4 thoughts on “Solution? Or Bigger Dilemma?

  1. Yeah…it was pretty traumatic…for both of us…when J* went to her own crib. We only have a one BR though, so she’s still in our room. Which means we never get to have sex in our own bed. Hahah

  2. We’re having all kinds of nighttime angst here now that the boy has been born. Stella is all over the map. It’s a shame when your 2.5 year old sleeps more poorly than your newborn.
    I, too, had adored sleeping with her every night. Now? I’m wishing like all kinds of hell that I had encouraged her to sleep alone months ago. Good luck!!!

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