A Happy Lack of Monkeys (Party Time!)

So…now that the sprinkle is over and the dust has settled from all the crazy of the move and the party and the finally coming to terms with being a pregnant lady again, it is time to start planning Baby L’s first birthday party. Which will take place in exactly 26 days. TWENTY-SIX DAYS, you guys! Are you paying attention? That means that in less than ONE MONTH, I am going to have a ONE-YEAR-OLD.


Oh. My. GOD.


I have to admit, I am not even sure where to start. I mean, we are obviously, being that we are a single-income household and everything, on a budget and not able to hire performers or rent a bounce house. (Which, let’s face it, I am terrified of anyway…and no, I am not going to get into the story about how one time, after too much Patron, I almost died in a bounce house…because this is a family blog, for fuck’s sake.) I know that I want a totally rad cake (which I am hoping to get from this lady, here, because she is an old friend and she makes some pretty fancy-pants cakes, these days). Said cake will obviously involve owls. Because I love them. And because if I let Baby L pick, it would probably be a monkey theme. And I strongly dislike monkeys. (And no, I won’t get into why. Because it involves poop-slinging. Because most stories involving monkeys, evidently, DO involve poop-slinging. I am not a fan.) I also know that we are going to have the party in our giant back yard. Which means that I am thinking that we should keep the food simple and able to be cooked OUTSIDE. (You know, and preggo-lady friendly. BURGERS AND HOT DOGS…YES.) Because I am pretty sure that, at 9+ months pregnant, I am not going to want to clean up the kitchen. Because, I can tell you, I did an event page on Facebook for the party and invited 50 people and many, many more family members do not have Facebook accounts. (In fairness, a bunch of these people live very far away and will not attend, but I felt the need to invite them anyway…) So, I’ll be damned if I am going to cook things. Like, in my house. Like, that I have to clean up later. Oh hells no.

But I am overwhelmed thinking about decorations and favors and things like that. And how much food to buy. And, holy god, why can’t I be craftier so that I can just make some awesomeness?! WHY!?

So, I ask you, interweb, do you know of any good places to get unique and supremely awesome party stuff? Better yet, any supremely awesome owl themed birthday stuff?




10 thoughts on “A Happy Lack of Monkeys (Party Time!)

  1. My husbands cousin did am owl theme for her girls 1st birthday and prettying got it all off Etsy (ugh) and Pinterest! The cutest decorations and favors I have ever seen and all home made!!

    • Well, I guess we aren’t totally committed to feeding everyone yet. I haven’t technically said anything (unless people read this blog…and then…well…) so I guess we can change our minds, but parties with my family are sort of REQUIRED to have food. Because my people like to EAT!

      • Haha! I hear you – I might get a couple of sideways glances…what do you mean, there is no meat here? Anyway, they will just have to do with the cake. (And probably all the other snacks we cave in and serve!!) I hope your little one enjoys his party!

  2. Oriental trading has some owl themed stuff cheap, that’s what i used for our party. I also got a package of mini stuffed owls for the goody bags (for kids), owl bubble containers and owl yoyos.

  3. I was thinking owls, too. Great minds think alike! Some stupid catalog I got had some cheap decorations…Birthday Express? Something like that. They have a website!

  4. I was planning on going to Sam’s Club or Costco and getting a couple platters of stuff. People tell me you can get a platter of anything there pretty cheaply. And they have these frozen things (anything really my favorite is a box of frozen Spanokopita) that you just toss in the oven and 20 minutes later people can eat.

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