Go Time!

Well, folks, looks like Baby O will be joining us soonish! I’ll be admitted for induction tonight at 8 pm. This came as a shock to us, and I’m excited. And super extremely over the top terrified. I guess maybe the second time around isn’t any less scary! I hope there’s no repeat of Baby L’s stubborn ass antics! I’ll keep you all posted!


12 thoughts on “Go Time!

    • You know…I am not really sure! I went to my appointment, I was 4 days past due, and I had the test to make sure everything was going okay. Everything was fine. The doc came in and said, “Hey! I’m Dr. Whateverthehell…Do you want to have a baby tonight?” and I said “Holy CRAP, yes!” I thought she was kidding. Both about being a doctor AND letting me have a baby that night. (She looked like she was all of 13…awesome.)

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