I’m awake…I swear…

You guys, I am so tired.

That’s about all I have the energy to post. But IMMA PRESS ON, you guys. Because I love y’all.

So, having two kids is like…well it is like having that one kid and not sleeping and eating and breathing for that kid and then adding on some other, tinier, more defenseless human being into your already hectic world. You know, where no one pays you. And you cry a lot. Because, internet, I cry a LOT. And not because I am not enjoying these little “chirren” but because I have no time to enjoy coffee. Or the intertron (a term stolen from one of my amazing bloggy friends, Jells). Or my husband. Or reality TV. And this is all very sad. VERY SAD. I really like those things. And I like seeing people. You know, who are taller than three feet. Weird. I know.

Baby L is adjusting to having a baby in the house. By adjusting, I mean, she is throwing temper tantrums about…well…everything. And they are improving. A couple of days ago, the tantrums were happening about every 3.5 minutes and were at some octave that I was not even sure was humanly possible. Today, it only happened once. And no mirrors shattered in its wake. So, that was a definite bonus. And because of that, I didn’t feel like playing in traffic.

Baby O is a pretty good baby. He is currently, and has been for the last several hours, fussing like a maniac. But this is pretty much the norm for him at this time of night. Which is rad, considering that if he would SHUT HIS FACE, I could possibly sleep in my own bed and not worry about waking MB. But, I mean, seriously, what mom sleeps? Like, ever?

So…yeah. I am tired and pissed about the Trayvon Martin verdict and ranting in my head about a lot of the news. But I am too tired to tell you guys about it. Because two kids…well two kids is insane.

Now, if you will kindly excuse me, someone is crying somewhere in this house and I am sure it has something to do with poop.


11 thoughts on “I’m awake…I swear…

  1. Oh mama! I know your feeling 😀 you said it pretty well up there ^^^^^ I have 4..yes 4..children..and to make it better..i decided to do this thing called…single mom! ahhh! yes its fun for sure 😀 I give you thumbs up cause i know what your feeling 😀 sleep well

    • Oh, lady, I don’t know how you do it! I have a hard enough time during the night hours and when hubs is at work. But at least when he gets home, I have a break to cook dinner and stuff. Wait. Is that a break? No. I guess not. Shit. Moms are busy. GOOD FOR YOU! You are rocking it out!

  2. 1. Steady on, you can do this woman!
    2. You and Jells are cute. You should totally be Facebook friends.
    3. Despite reading of your experience and seeing a close friend of mine go through the same EXACT thing, I still want another one.

  3. Hang in there it gets better!! My youngest is 7 and I get sleep… I have 4 and I remember being so sleep deprived by the time number 4 came along, I am surprised the rest survived… Thankfully they all did.. You are doing a great job!

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