I’m “That Guy”

So, you guys, I’ve been thinking a lot about hosting a contest here. But I’m not sure what the prize should be. I mean, I’m sure you all are mostly parents because, well, lets face it, why would you be reading if you weren’t? Unless you just like me. (In which case, you have awesome taste.) But…what kinds of things would you guys be interested in winning. Like, within reason. I’m not giving you a beach house. Just stop it.

So what’s the verdict? What’s a good prize? Also, it will involve Facebook. So get ready to like the hell out of me. Go.


6 thoughts on “I’m “That Guy”

  1. Hi! Sorry I don’t have any fancy suggestions for a prize…but I wanted to assure you that I like you and am not a parent. Yes, I must have awesome taste! And a contest sounds interesting, what will the contest be for?

  2. I’ve been contemplating the same thing for my own Facebook page reasons and cannot come up with a prize. I’m leaning towards an Amazon gift card. Because who doesn’t want that?

  3. Seems to me like the winner should get a box of condoms (unopened and unbroken), a Redbox movie, and a ten dollar gift certificate to a wine merchant. Otherwise if you gave away movie tickets, a vacation, or something lame like that, we would have to hire a babysitter, return to the house 15 times before turning on the car, and then check our phone and worry endlessly until we got back to the screaming baby and babysitter. Oh, and don’t forget the bottle of Benadryl and pain relief, so baby can sleep while we watch said movie, drink said wine and use said condoms. 😀

    • I think it is safe to say that my readers like to drink. This is good. Because I, my friends, am a fan of the booze. So, you know, you all came to the right place!

      Good suggestion though! Can one ship a box of wine? I’ve never tried that. I have only, thus far, asked that people send ME wine. You know, because I have two kids under two and going to buy my own takes an act of congress. (Note: have not et received wine in the mail. Lame.)

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