On a Serious Tip

If you follow this blog at all, then you know that I lost my job of nearly FOUR YEARS just DAYS after announcing my pregnancy on Facebook. I have spoken with a LOT of people regarding pregnancy discrimination over the course of the last few months and today, found this article and thought it was VERY informative. I tried to reblog it for you, fellow preggos but was unsuccessful, but please check it out. Pregnancy discrimination is a real thing. A real, terrible, thing. 

Share your story or input on pregnancy with the EEOC here: commissionmeetingcomments@eeoc.gov


2 thoughts on “On a Serious Tip

  1. Wow, that totally sucks. I find it really sad that women still have to face this issue in our country. Sorry that happened to you!

    • I know. I never thought, in a million years, that something like this could/would happen. But it has, and it is definitely time for people to take a stand. This should never happen to anyone. Thanks for reading!

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