On Diapers…

Diapers and covers

I am really torn on what to do about the diaper situation. A HUGE part of me really wants to do the cloth diaper thing, at least for the first few months, because I have heard that it REALLY isn’t as disgusting as I imagine. At least, when they are newborns. And, let’s face it, internet. We need to save as much money as we can these days, so I am definitely leaning towards the green (and CHEAPER) option. What do you guys think?

Just FYI, the title of this post wins number ONE for “Top Five Post Titles I Never Expected to Show Up on Any Blog of Mine”.


18 thoughts on “On Diapers…

    • Da Beat! You don’t have kids!!! lol…

      But seriously, I have heard that newborns diapers aren’t that bad at all, compared to when they start eating food. Like, FOOD. But I plan to breast feed as much as I can, so I can see that…

  1. We cloth diaper (Fuzzi Bunz one-size) and we actually had to use disposables the first two months or so because the cloth diapers were too big. It is cheaper to get the one-size rather than buying different sizes for each growth spurt (which happen at like 3, 6, 9, 12, and infinity forever and ever weeks), but most of the one-size ones won’t fit until the baby is at least 10 pounds.

    I posted about this a while ago here: http://notanothermother.com/2011/06/21/the-diaper-dilemma/

    And then here is a comprehensive website all about cloth diapering and the different types, cost, how-to, etc.:

    Hope that helps!

    • Oooh! Thank you! I am really thinking the cloth is the more environmentally responsible thing to do, but I do know, also that cloth diapers might not be immediate or an all-the-time kind of thing for us due to convenience.


  2. True! But the last time I held a newborn, she started pooping and it was not pleasant. She was being breast fed, too. LOL (That could be a sign for me – no kids, they think you’re full of sh!t)

  3. We cloth diaper our toddler (yep, yucky food poop and all) and are planning on it for the new baby. I did a spreadsheet on diapering options for the new baby and was amazed, once again, at how much we can save with cloth. You’re right; when they’re breastfed it is super easy to deal with poop, etc. Yesterday I was at an appointment and a woman was there with her 6 week old, who had a major blowout. After offering to help, all I could think was, “That sooo wouldn’t have happened if he’d been wearing cloth.” We almost never have blowouts with cloth so, in a way, you’re actually dealing with less poop this way.

    By the way, Padded Tush Stats has some great articles on diapering, including how to do it on a budget – http://paddedtushstats.com/articles/.

  4. I don’t have any kids. My only concern is that when we do have kids, after 3 months of maternity leave, I’d be back to work, at least part time. Do day cares deal with cloth diapers??? That really concerns me. Anyone know????
    I think I saw this on someone’s blog, called diaper share?? It makes it a lot cheaper, you just return the ones that you used once your baby grows out of them.

    • My hair dresser yesterday was just trying to sell me on cloth diapers and I promised I’d look into it – I do like to go green if I can. But the daycare thing is an issue I brought up (we’ll be starting at 4 months full time daycare). Turns out most will deal with cloth but they just bag them up all day and send them home with you so it can be a mess to deal with. My hair dresser only does part time daycare and she uses disposables for daycare, cloth at home (and disposables at night). So she’s a part time cloth diaperer. Seemed a little more reasonable to me and still helping the environment more than a full time disposable diaper user.

      • That’s what I’m thinking. I think that cloth diapers would be great for home use, but obviously a little harder if you and the baby are out and about. I am thinking that the part-time thing is the way to go. A friend of mine says to check out G Diapers . I haven’t looked into them yet but she said they are great!

    • I felt the same way until a couple of weeks ago, actually. I was all, “I don’t care how green it is, I don’t wanna wash that stuff!” BUT…with me not working and all that jazz, I think it might be a good option for us. At least to TRY…lol

    • I know, Hesper, isn’t it nuts? I really never thought I would be thinking about this…BUT…it is totally necessary at this point. Gearing up for POO.

      Thanks, I will check it out!

  5. I think we are going to go disposable for the first few months and then once she gets a bit bigger we will transition to cloth. I plan on getting a lot of the cloth diapers at consignment stores to save money.

    When one of my old college roommates who I remember being kind of finicky about poop and stuff told me that she swore by cloth diapers and it wasn’t a big mess to wash them, I was pretty much convinced that it is completely doable.

  6. I did the old fashioned cloth diapers (you know the ones you still have to fold, then clip and then add a waterproof?) The first few months it worked well for at home, and then I used disposables when we went somewhere. IF you breastfeed, any nappy is much better, since the poop smells almost not at all, and you very seldom have really sloppy messes to clean up.

    WE continued to use cloth until my daughter started potty training, but then I was fortunate enough to have her at home with a nanny while I worked from nine months of age.

    Cloth is a very economic and eco-friendly way to go and I will do it again with the current bun growing int he oven.

  7. Cloth diapering can be great….and then not so great. I’ve used cloth diapers and disposable and I’ve had kids have major blowouts in both. Sometimes you have a baby that is just prone to having blowouts.

    I would recommend having a stash for around the house but also having some disposable for times you are out of the house. I would also recommend getting into the routine of having a new little person in your home and time for your body to recover from delivery, before you add the responsibly of having to wash cloth diapers to the mix.

    I will say it is really nice on the budget when you know that you can always fall back on the stash of cloth diapers if you are having a particularly hard month or trying to save for something special.

    I will also say that while there are so many benefits to cloth diapering, sometimes it is more important for your sanity and the well being of the whole family to forgo the cloth diapering and use disposables.

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