I had a full day yesterday of hysterical crying, yelling, and pleading with people at the Medicaid office and the County Health Department. I believe that I showed the state of Florida that pregnancy mood swings strongly resemble that of bipolar disorder. True story.

But, after everything (and I can’t even go into all the craziness that I had to endure yesterday), the guy I had spoken to before at the County Health Department came through. I showed up for my 8:15 appointment this morning, checked in and sat down. Just like a patient. At, like, a doctor’s office.  You know, like…where they see patients who are SEVEN MONTHS PREGNANT! Shirley, the mean lady with the bad weave (I will refer to her as Bad Weave Shirley from now on), was nowhere to be seen or heard upon my check-in, which made the experience much more pleasant right at the start. Yes, I had to wait in an office for a long time. And yes, I had to pee in a cup  AGAIN (because it is not at all obvious to them that I am knocked up). And yes, they stuck me with needles but…OH. MY. GOD. Internet, this was the best doctor’s appointment I have ever had.

Some highlights:

1. I have gained one pound since my last visit there on 1/31 (the day of the proof of pregnancy). I thought it would be quite a bit more. This puts my total weight gain at 23 lbs. And no one has told me if that is normal or not. But I don’t give a damn. I feel fantastic about it.

2. Baby L’s heartbeat is perfect.  And hearing this news made me tear up. And this time, not because I wanted to drive my car straight into the ocean. You know, like that first time.

3. I have an appointment for an anatomy sonogram next Wednesday. I am super excited for this appointment, even though it is just a regular sonogram and not one of the 4D ones this time. But I hope to be having a 4D within the next month. (Eeee!)

4. I have a follow-up appointment in two weeks. Can you believe I am actually going to see a medical professional TWICE in TWO WEEKS!? I can hardly contain myself. I seriously feel like I could cry every time I think about it.

5. Currently, my Emergency Medicaid is covering everything and will for the next 45 days. By the time that is gone, I should have ACTUAL Medicaid and the nightmare should be mostly over. Then I get ready to pop this chicklet out!

6. I can deliver at the hospital I had picked back in the good old days when I had insurance! I don’t have to go to a scary hospital that I don’t trust! Hooray!

7. I had a glucose test. Ick. I don’t know the results yet but should by Monday!

I had a good day, internet. I feel like a weight has been lifted. I wish I could just squeeze Baby L for doing such a good job of…you know…like…growing and stuff. 

Now, if you will excuse me, I’ve just had a ginormous breakfast and believe that I need a ginormous nap to match!


10 thoughts on “Phew…

  1. Glad you made it to the doctor and it sounds like things are going great with the pregnancy. Don’t worry about what “normal” weight gain is. It is so different for everyone. Just make sure you feel good and healthy and that is all that should matter.

  2. I’m so glad this worked out, after some hard work on your part unfortunately! Every two weeks sounds about right from this point forward (that’s what I’m at now too).

    I am also ready for a long nap after a large lunch!

  3. SO HAPPY that things are finally falling into place! 😀

    I hate having to pee in a cup every time I go to the doctor’s, but I’m getting better at it. Also, I am jealous of your weight gain; I’ve gained almost 40 pounds at this point and I am DYING. Seriously, my poor back is buckling under the pressure and I’m hobbling around like a stereotypical preggo. Just waiting for these next five weeks (and hopefully, fewer than that) to fly by fast.

    • It is so close to the end for you!!! I anticipate gaining more normally now (I haven’t really gained weight in a while, the majority of it was within the first 4 months). With my obsession with all things cake, I can’t imagine not gaining a ton more…bleh…Hang in there! You are so close!!!

  4. pregnancy is glorious! LoL – feels like you’re pregnant forever until the little one pops out and then it seems like it flew by… 4D sonogram is awesome, but almost feels like cheating – looking forward to your next post!

  5. I am so glad you liked my blog post, and that I came over here to read your blog. It is so nice to know that there is another pregnant lady dealing with unemployment and medicaid and freaking out about it. I thought I was all alone.

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