Keeping On…

During pregnancy, you can definitely start to tell when the “glow” starts to wear from your face and is replaced with that “I am 33 weeks pregnant and would stab myself in the neck if it hadn’t taken me so long to get THIS CLOSE to the end”. You can tell when this starts to happen and when people are starting to notice because people are no longer all excited and hugs and giggles when they see you. Nope. Now they smile politely and sympathetically as if to say, “You look sort of miserable/homicidal. Please don’t hurt me. I love you and promise that I will bring you chocolate next time I see you. Or…you know…I can just run to the nearest Dairy Queen right now and pick you up the largest Blizzard they have. Yeah. Let’s do that. Be right back. You like peanut butter, right?”

The Medical Assistant at the doctor’s office gave me that look on Friday right before she took my weight. She was brave about the whole thing, given the fact that she had no ice cream to offer. And I like her, so she is still alive.

The good news about the whole thing is that I only have seven weeks left. SEVEN. Meaning, like, less than two months. That is so awesome, I can’t even stand it! There is still so much to do and so many decisions to make with regard to when exactly we will be moving and if we will be moving in with family for a couple of months prior to the cross-country move in order to save money. I am so torn about this because, while I know it will benefit us (A LOT), I really can’t stand living with family. I haven’t done it since I was in my very early twenties and then only for a few months until I moved in with a couple of girls (one of whom being the one that I lived with for the last 200 or so year before I came to my senses and, instead of murdering her, just moved out). I really don’t love the idea of living with anyone at all. Ideally, MB and I would stay where we currently are until we can make the big move. And while I know that this would be extremely difficult with my not being employed right now and everything, I think it would be better for our new little family to get to start off alone, without interruption and without too many people all up in our faces. I just have to decide if my sanity will withstand a newborn and cohabitating with any members of the family (mine or MB’s) and then just suck it up until we get the hell out of dodge.

I guess I will just have to play this one by ear and see how it all turns out. We will just have to do what we can afford to do. And I will have to just keep in mind that, no matter where we are, it will be temporary and SOON we will be where we need to be. Uggghhh.ย  I just can’t wait to get things started already! I want to skip over all of this stressful nonsense and get to the good stuff.




8 thoughts on “Keeping On…

  1. You never know, being close to family might actually be a good thing in the short term. A few extra sets of hands could prove to be useful when baby comes along, trust me!

    P.S. Any chance of getting my cool Dad Blog added to your blogroll? Pretty please? I’ve got ice cream…

  2. only you know if your family would be actually helpful but if they would it would be worth it if they would help cook and clean and wait on you for q few weeks after the baby is born. my mom was a lifesaver staying with us for two weeks even if i did get tired of the constant house guests it was worth it. (but if you don’t think your family will be helpful then run for the hilos because you will be tired and overwhelmed as it is!) good luck…

    • It really isn’t that I don’t think that the family would be helpful, it is more just that I don’t want to feel crowded and out of sorts at a time when I am already adjusting to learning how to be a mom. I am sure that people will be really, really helpful, but I would rather stay put and have people visit on MY time, rather than having to LIVE with people and have them always around to make me hostile. lol

  3. I hear you on the family front. Due to money issues I told fatherbean he either needed to get a job with more hours or we would move in with his parents. He went pale as a sheet and will be working on his resume this morning. ๐Ÿ˜›

    You aren’t that far from me (29 weeks) but I’m freaking huge so I’m already experiencing the “pity” looks you talk about. My customers keep commenting on how I’m so much bigger than last time. I’m surprised I haven’t been arrested yet. ๐Ÿ™‚ Though truthfully I’m glad people aren’t all hugs and giggles – hugging me right now could be hazardous to your health. Internet hugs are ok though so…*hugs*

    • Yeah, I am really torn on the family thing! I mean, I love them, (Duh) but I am pretty high strung as is and adding a baby AND more people into the mix just seems like a recipe for disaster!

      Haha! Well, We are in the homestretch now, so I can handle the pity looks for the time-being. I am not sure I can handle the terrible heartburn!!! And no one told me that your belly doubles in size while you’re sleeping!

  4. I’m in the same situation as yours. Our current apartment is too small for an additional member, no matter how tiny s/he is. But, I’d LOVE to live with my family. I know I’d be pampered. Unfortunately they don’t have enough space for us now.

    Oh and thanks for the trackback!

    • Actually, the size of our apartment wouldn’t be that much of an issue, but with only one income and a new baby, we just aren’t sure we could afford it unless I went back to work immediately, which I’m not sure I’m willing to do. It’s a tough call because I’m just not really used to being around a lot of family. And living with them? Well, that might be too much for me to handle!

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