I Thought Y’all Knew!

Gummy prenatal vitamins DO exist and I sincerely apologize for not letting you all know 9 months ago! Down with horse pills!



This post is for Jells, in response to this post!


6 thoughts on “I Thought Y’all Knew!

  1. OMG I totally love those! I took them for awhile. Now I take the gummie vitamins that we buy from Costco… and they are sooo good it’s really hard to stick with just 2 =(

    • Right?! They are the best thing ever! I had so much gagging at the beginning of this whole thing, I found them immediately! And MB totally sneaks them when I’m not paying attention!

    • I know! And I couldn’t link back to her on my phone for some reason! But that’s why I posted! I have honestly never taken anything else (except for earlier this week because I was out and took a horse pill from a sample. Then got violently ill!)

  2. I LOVE the Gummies – but don’t forget to supplement with the slow release iron Tabs (which is sort of a bummer, but not a big deal). There isn’t a good way to get iron into the Gummies yet, so keep up on your iron, and enjoy the tasty Gummie Treats!

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