Yes, Another Half-post

We made it home! Finally!

We were discharged from the hospital yesterday morning, having scheduled an appointment for this morning with a pediatrician to re-check Baby L’s bilirubin level. There was concern that she would need to be re-admitted if her numbers didn’t stop climbing after the phototherapy as after many hours of being at home without it. Naturally, I used the time between discharge and our 10:30 appointment this morning to freak out and cry a lot. But we got good news from the doctor and it appears that Baby’s bilirubin is lower than it was at discharge AND there will be no readmission! We still have another re-check on Friday and, though it appears things are looking good, I am still nervous and hoping that everything stays GOOD! (i guess that nercous thing will probably last the next 18 to life, right?) Otherwise, baby girl is in wonderful health! Thanks again for all the comments and support and I will be back to posting soon!!! Xoxo!

Our little nugget on her way home from the hospital!!!



14 thoughts on “Yes, Another Half-post

  1. She is SO BEAUTIFUL! I am looking forward to spoiling her rotten! And looking forward to cuddles! I love her so much already!

  2. So beautiful, congrats again and yes; you will be a bundle of nerves for some time to come πŸ˜‰ Embrace it πŸ™‚

  3. I just caught up on your posts after a brief no-blogging period. She is beautiful!! You did an exceptional job. Way to go, momma!!!

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