On Sleeping…

I haven’t been very good at keeping you all updated on motherhood and that’s because during the time that I am awake, I am actually PRACTICING motherhood. And then during that time when I’m asleep, well, I’m trying to stay that way for as long as possible.

Baby L had a lot of sleep issues and gas issues and for the first weeks of her life. She was confused about day versus night and what to do during which period, which, as I mentioned before, forced Mommy to sleep on the couch for 5.5 weeks. Mommy was not a fan.

When I was pregnant and registering for things, I decided that, in the beginning, Baby L should sleep in our bedroom in a bassinet. Partially because I was still terrified of SIDS (still am) and partially because the guest room is such a clusterfuck after all the baby gifts and hand-me-downs from MB’s sister who has a little girl as well. I knew we were planning to move shortly after Baby L was born, so I didn’t see the point in setting up a crib/nursery when we would just be taking everything down in a few months anyway. So, I looked on-line for baby sleeping contraptions. And being that I was having a little girl, I wanted something cute. Not too frilly. Not too pink. But functional and pretty. So I settled on this plain white bassinet. It wasn’t anything fancy and it fit perfectly next to my side of the bed so that I could see the baby if I needed to (read: freaked out and started to be a total lunatic) in the middle of the night without having to get up and check on her (37 times because I think she might not be breathing). Fail.

The bassinet, while pretty and functional enough, was not up to Baby L’s sleeping expectations. Turns out: the womb to bassinet transition was not going to happen.

So, Baby L slept in the swing. Or on my chest. And while I totally enjoyed the chest sleeping/cuddling, my back was starting to pay. So we were back to square one.

With our move very quickly approaching, and thus having to downsize, I was starting to get super desperate and went back to where it all started. Target.com. Back in the days of pregnancy, when I had absolutely no idea of what I was in for, I read reviews for this “newborn sleeper” thing. The reviews were mostly wonderful except those select few that mentioned that this contraption will give your baby (gasp!) “flathead syndrome”. Now, internet, to a paranoid, confused, and often hysterical, soon-to-be-mom, “flathead syndrom” might as well be read as “face cancer” or “third arm”. So naturally, despite the glowing reviews, I resisted buying this “newborn sleeper” thing. Until all of our attempts at a normal, bedroom sleeping situation failed and then I broke down and bought it. AND IT SAVED MY LIFE.

While she still has her daily fussy times and sporatic cranky-pants moments, Baby L is finally sleeping 4-6.5 hours per night. IN OUR BEDROOM. Meaning that Mommy and Daddy are sleeping IN THE SAME ROOM. Like, for more than 30 minutes at a time! Can you believe it, internet? I’m pretty sure that this thing is the best thing ever invented. So if you are having trouble getting your newborn to sleep, GO AND BUY THIS THING. For real. (Shameless Fisher Price plug. They should totally pay me for this.)

Anyway, so, that’s about how things are going for us right now. Finally getting some sleep but now, we’re on to packing for our move in TWENTY days. And guess how many boxes are packed, y’all! TWO! (More on this later…)




7 thoughts on “On Sleeping…

  1. I wish I could like this 100 times! We went thru every single thing sleeping-wise as you did. Everything, down to the couch sleeping and bassinet-aversion. We have been using her bassinet as a hamper since she scorned it during her first weeks. We also have the exact same Rock N Play. It was given to us by an old family friend whose daughter just had triplets; it saved her life as well. We took it on vacay with us for C to sleep in and she LOVED it as much as we did.

    Hang in there. Baby L will be sleeping through the night before you know it and you’ll start to feel human again. Wee Cee rocked 11 uninterrupted hours last night. IN HER CRIB. Never thought I’d be able to say that.

    • Apparently, this is pretty common, and I really wish I would have just stopped worrying about a flat head and bought the damn thing in te first place! I have been a zombie for almost two months!!! (I should be careful about saying that, given the zombie apocalypse and everything.) I am just happy it works!!!

      And WOW! Congratulations! You don know how much hope you just gave me! Your little one is only six weeks older than mine! Eleven hours would make my whole year!!!

  2. So glad you are getting some sleep. I know just the cradle swing thing you are talking about. It has so many great reviews. Whatever gets you some sleep is worth it’s weight in gold!

  3. Holy shit! I put that SAME yellow freakin flathead givin rocking bassinet sleeper on my registry and got it a few weeks before the baby arrived. I set it up and used it immediately –dragging it to the dinner table so I could eat hands free and without an infant strapped to my chest getting crumbs in her ear. I would drag it into the bathroom so I could shower & keep an eye on her at the same time. I love it! I think the flathead thing is only if they sleep in it every night for 6 months or something ridiculous. The only thing I wish is that it opened with one hand. And I always forget to put the baby down first before dragging it out, which means I end up in the bathroom with an unopened sleeper and then have to run back to the bedroom to put the baby down and then back to open and then back to get said baby. But totally worth it!
    Don’t worry –it gets easier, I know my girl is only a week ahead of yours, but trust me, a week is enough for the stupidest things to feel like the biggest milestones. She’ll use the bassinet you originally got. Keep trying to put her in it when she’s asleep. Wait until she’s in deep sleep so she won’t wake up when you lay her down in the bassinet. She’ll transition pretty quickly, if that’s what you want. Otherwise, donate it?? lol. Good job mama! Very happy to hear life is semi-normal at this point and WITH A NEWBORN! You’;re doing great!

    • It is absolutely the best thing ever!!! I am sooooo kicking myself for not registering for it or buying it when I first saw it, but it is definitely saving my life now and I seriously am soooo relieved!!!

      Thanks so much and yes, a week makes a hell of a difference! Any new mom can understand that!!!

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