A List of Pros and Cons (Alternatively Titled: Things That Make Me Want to Stick My Head and the Oven and Reasons I haven’t Yet.)

So, as you might know, internet, I’ve been experiencing a lot of change (HELLO!? BABY!) lately and there is still a whole bunch more to come. So, I’ve been struggling. But I’ve been trying to stay on the happy side of life and not play in traffic or pull a Sylvia Plath so, I thought I would document here what has been happening on the homefront.

1. I’m moving in with my fiancee’s family.

Con: I haven’t lived with anyone’s family in ten years. And I am a pretty private person and people tend to annoy the bejesus out of me. (Granted, I lived with a terribly self-obsessed, shallow, idiot for almost that long. But that was different. Because I think I was glamoured to think she wasn’t an asshole.)

Pro: I really like MB’s family. And they love Baby L. And they will most likely be willing to give us a break once in a while so MB and I can actually hang out and, you know, DO THINGS TOGETHER. (And they aren’t self-obsessed, shallow idiots. On the contrary, in fact.)

2. Baby L is finally sleeping several hours a night.

Con: She is up all day and usually fussier than EVER.

Pro: I get to sleep sometimes, y’all! It’s like a whole new world. (Shockingly, I am still exhausted and could probably fall asleep while doing just about anything else.)

3. My house is getting packed more quickly than I thought, considering that we waited so long to actually START the process.

Con: We live in a constant state of disorder and I can’t walk three steps without almost falling on my face.

Pro: I am getting rid of crap that I should have gotten rid of years ago.  And this makes me happy. I feel like I am nesting more now than I was while I was pregnant. Which, really wasn’t that much because I was huge and pissed off and would have rather just told someone HOW to nest FOR ME than do it myself.

4. I’ve decided to get rid of my cat. (By “get rid of”, I don’t mean drop him off behind the McDonald’s dumpster. I’ve never done that, but I know someone who did. But that cat was an asshole.)

Con: Duh. I love my cat. I have had him for 12 years and I can’t even imaging NOT having him. But if I decided to keep him, he would have to live alone in a garage for 8 months and I would have to buy an air conditioner for said garage, because holy SHIT, Florida is HOT. I will miss him like crazy and have spent the last two days, either on the verge of tears or crying my face off.

Pro: Fewer hairballs? (I really don’t know what the pro is here, because I’m about to cry right now…BLAST.)

I’m feeling super overwhelmed with things. And I’ve drank all the wine in my house already tonight and I really should be taking advantage of the nugget being asleep. But instead, I will sit on the couch for ten minutes with no one to need me for anything. And I will watch “Toddlers and Tiaras” because, though it makes me want to kill people, it also takes my mind off of the facts listed here.



9 thoughts on “A List of Pros and Cons (Alternatively Titled: Things That Make Me Want to Stick My Head and the Oven and Reasons I haven’t Yet.)

    • Not really, he’s 12 and very probe to separation anxiety and doesn’t really get along with animals or small kids. So he is kind of a pain in the ass that way…very sad.

  1. Poor cat! Where is he going? I have not yet encountered the nesting urge. Maybe I will post-baby? Fingers crossed.

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