Viva Las Vegas

So, as I mentioned before, (very vaguely, and in passing) MB and I are heading out to Las Vegas and gettin’ hitched, y’all!

I am not one for traditional weddings. Not that they aren’t beautiful and touching and all that stuff…they are. And I respect people who want it to be all touching and stuff. But (and maybe you can tell this from this blog), I’m not really always all that serious. And sure, a marriage is serious business…but I don’t really think (and never have thought) that the wedding itself had to be so. So, I’ve always joked about having Elvis marry me (and whoever the lucky guy was to be) in Vegas. Despite the fact that I loathe Elvis. Because, well, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t appreciate that story. Or being present to witness it. And if you’re anything like me, you might appreciate THAT more than getting dressed up to sit in a church. Or, a garden. Or whatever. (And, again, I’m not saying there’s anything WRONG with a church or a garden, but I’m not so much a church or garden kinda gal.) I thought it would be a neat story to tell the grandkids.

My grandparents have a timeshare condo in Las Vegas that they aren’t planning to use this year. And when my mom called and said, “Hey! Do you guys wanna get married in October? The timeshare is gonna be free!” I couldn’t say no. I mean, come ON, you guys. So, plans will be finalized this weekend. And I am super excited for so many reasons. 1. MB has never been to Vegas and he’s going to be awestruck 2. we haven’t taken a vacation since my 4th month of pregnancy and it was…lackluster… and 3. I get to marry my best friend. And Elvis will be there! And the pictures will be hilarious.

So, originally, a friend and her fiance were planning on coming and getting hitched at the same time (which was a super awesome plan too because, the more the merrier) and we were planning to wear 80’s prom attire. (I never went to prom. And I definitely never went to prom in the 80’s!) But that whole plan has fallen through. So now I’m trying to decide what I should wear. I don’t really like all that frilly white stuff (because I don’t want to look like a decorated cake) but I DO like vintage dresses (50’s and 60’s) and am a curvy, busty lady (moreso now than ever) so my question to you, dear readers, is: Do you know of any place I can find an affordable vintage style dress that does not make me look like a cake or cost an arm and a leg? (I’m still a stay-at-home-mom, remember.) It really doesn’t even have to be a wedding dress. Or white, for that matter. But I am looking for something ADORABLE. Any suggestions for the bride-to-be?


20 thoughts on “Viva Las Vegas

    • Thanks! I’m so excited! My mom will be there with Lilah and will be watching her while we’re out. And we have a condo do we can do all they family dinner jazz too!

  1. Nominated your blog, simply because your blog is one of my “must hits” when I am online. Reading your blog before my labour started really helped to calm me down and to see the humourous side of things. Also I just love your open letters to your daughter. So, good blogging. As one mom to another, I am proud!

    • Thank you so much! That really means a lot to me! I really never thought I would, when starting this blog, find so many great ladies who were in the same boat! I’m so grateful and so glad that I could help your labor maybe not be quite so terrifying!!!

  2. is where to go. there are so many dresses to choose from and it’s wholesale prices, so super affordable. it’s where I got mine. Just order ASAP. Most dresses come from overseas so they take a little while.
    i got married in downtown Las Vegas and went with a vintage look. i just chose a simple strapless A-line gown and some pearls…a fur wrap…it was super cute. hubby wore slacks, a vest, and converse. i tried to find light blue converse to wear with mine for my something blue, but no luck.

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