And…Now for More SNOT!

So, I don’t really get sick a lot. Sometimes, I go so long in between illnesses that I forget what it feels like to be sick and then when people around me have colds, I find myself cussing them in my head and calling them pansies. (Men, especially. But they tend to be exceptionally whiney when it comes to colds.)

Then, my baby got a cold. And then I convinced that she had everything from swine flu to whooping cough.  And then she got better. And eventually, even though she was still a little stuffy, she was back to her normal, cheerful self. She went back to sleeping all night and cooing at me all morning while we played with her toys.

And then I got a cold.

It started with a sore throat, which escalated to the point that it felt as though I had attempted to eat a few sheets of sandpaper and a headache that felt sort of like the top of my head was going to just pop right off. And a little clown was going to pop out. (I just pictured my head as a Jack-in-the-Box, in case you didn’t catch that…) And I was okay with having a cold, because 1. I had wine and 2. I am not a pansy.

Eventually, though, I realized that wine does not cure a cold. And, though I still was not a pansy, I realized that, “hey. I feel kind of shitty. That’s no good.” and then I went to sleep. And MB’s mom watched Baby L for a few hours in the morning so I could bury myself in my down comforter and pretend that I was living back in those days when I still had time to bury myself in my comforter for several hours and sleep. When I woke up, I felt better. But still not quite human. There was no more sandpaper. And the little clown had kept himself contained.  I finished out yesterday feeling tired, but generally, you know, not like  a pansy.  And then about 1 o’clock this morning, Baby L woke up and sounded like she had taken all the snot from everyone else in the whole house and jammed it into her tiny face. And so I changed her, fed her, slathered her with baby chest rub and turned on that humidifier thing (that everyone tells me to use, but that seems to make absolutely no difference in the amount of snot that my baby keeps in her face). All seemed to be well (except for the fact that now, I couldn’t sleep because I could only breathe out of my left nostril and only if I was laying on the left side of my body, which I can’t do because that’s just not how I roll.  Oh yeah, and because I was obsessing over the possibility that Baby L would suffocate on all the snot.

Because Baby L sleeps through the night, I rarely panic anymore about something tragic happening while I rest, (this is not to say that I don’t sometimes check 47 times at night to make sure she’s breathing…but now it is only sometimes and not, you know, every night…) but let me tell you…after I got done with that bulb thing, I couldn’t imagine there being anything left in there…but there was, internet, there really, really was…So…I broke down at  4:30 when she woke up, practically snorting, and gave her Benadryl (before you get all crazy-pants on me, internet, this is what the doctor TOLD me to do…) and it helped. And she did super good until around 10:30 when she had her second bottle. And then the snorty screaming started. There were saline drops, there was nose-suckage, there were tears. (Many of which were mine.) And about an hour ago, there was another dose of Benadryl.

And now, either my baby is just high, or she is feeling better. Maybe a little bit of both. But how much snot does one person have to endure!?


6 thoughts on “And…Now for More SNOT!

  1. Benadryl helps, shut up Intertron. And I don’t use the bulb thing, I use a Nosefrida and it rocks my socks. Yes, you put your mouth on one end and suck, but you don’t have to keep poking it back in their wee nostril a bunch. And you can control the suction. Another way to clear those sinuses is with saline solution. Spray up one side and suction out the other to make it go through, like a Neti pot. I promise about the Nosefrida and it’s amazing snot-sucking ability. I have converted MANY a mama.

    • Benadryl really does help. Screw the masses. I don’t care.
      Also, I have never heard of this! Why has no one told me before now? (This is most likely because I have never needed to suction anything out of anyone’s nose before now…I guess…) I might have to check this out. This kid is snottier than I ever intended.

      • And it seems pricey but I promise (again) that it was the best thing ever. I give it away at baby showers, along with a homemade blanket, and everyone gives me a strange look for suggesting they do this to their child’s snot. Then I get a call saying it was amazing, where did I get it, they want to give it to someone else.

        It’s especially good when the nostrils are too big for the bulb and they’re not quite good at blowing it all out.

  2. The snot! I was just about to tweet today, “Just when you think you’ve gotten all the snot, YOU’RE WRONG.”
    I might have to try the benadryl, for real. And I just read about that Nosefrida thing the other day. I just might have to try that, too. With other kids in the house, this will NOT be our only cold this school year. I’m not looking forward to it at all.

    • I can’t believe how much she can store in that little face!!! But, te Benadryl really does help. The doc said, according to her weight (almost 13 lbs) she could have 2ml every six hours and, even despite being terrified, I did it. It has helped so much. Also, I’m not at all looking forward to this school year either. But at least her immune system will benefit? Uggghhhh.

  3. Victoria Wood does a joke about how with your first child you get a height chart and dutifully measure them at regular intervals, but with your second you know they’ve grown by the position of the snot mark on your coat. My standards are such that I wouldn’t even notice a snot mark on my coat, but I totally get where she’s coming from. When my son Harry was born and the midwives wanted to take him to sleep in the nursery, I sobbed until I was almost sick and lay awake worrying that he’d died and they couldn’t think of how to tell me. When the midwives offered to take my second, Joe, I was asleep before they’d got him out of his cot. I spotted every one of Harry’s teeth as they came through. Joe was laughing one day and I was genuinely surprised to see how many teeth he had. I recently told Harry about the songs I sang him as a baby. He said, “And Joe!” But no. I used to walk Harry up and down his room, cuddling him and crooning. I put Joe in his cot and go downstairs for a glass of wine.

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