A Momish Moment

So, I know I’ve made you guys aware that Baby L is going to be ONE in just a matter of mere DAYS (18 to be exact) and that this sort of freaks me out. I mean. Okay, it totally, beyond anything I could describe to you, is FREAKING ME THE EFF OUT, you guys. And maybe because I am an irrational ball of hormones. Or maybe because it is just a BIG FREAKING DEAL. Either way. It is sort of like she decided at 11 months that she would cease this baby business and start doing grown up shit. Like staying up late and walking and all that crap that adults do (minus playing poker and smoking cigars, because those things would just be inappropriate). Okay, so she isn’t really “walking” yet. But she definitely won’t SIT either. She won’t sit, she won’t lie down, she won’t sleep. She needs to be UP. And MOVING.


And, you know, because I am still terrified of bumps and bruises, (and yes, I know that they will happen you guys, but I think we all know that I am insane and full of anxiety about ridiculous and irrational things. I just got over the fear of tripping, falling on my face and knocking out all of my front teeth that has plagued me since I was a little girl. And now that I am thinking about it, it is sort of freaking me out again. Thanks a LOT, internet.) I am constantly nervous. I have been working on it. I have not been piling our hardwood floors with 33 blankets to cushion the blow in case she falls down (anymore). I have just been letting her go. And this has been torture. Because then she inevitably does fall. And she bumps her head on said floor and she screams bloody murder until I put a pink, stuffed bunny in front of her face or give her a goldfish cracker. And for those 10.5 seconds wherein she is crying and looking at me with those big, blue eyes that seem to say, “Mama! How could you let this happen to me?!”, I feel like jumping off a bridge. But then she is noshing on a cracker. Or a bunny.  And she doesn’t even seem to remember that she just almost gave herself a concussion. But I do. And the trauma lingers. You know…for ME.

Yesterday was an especially good day for us. I was, despite my GINORMOUS belly, able to sit on the floor with her while she threw toys around the living room and then darted to retrieve them only to hurl them again (which, by the way, is one of her favorite things to do these days, aside from throwing things on the floor for her PARENTS to retrieve…). I was amazed that she was so content to be sitting with me without needing to try and do cartwheels or headstands or whatever kind of gymnastic maneuver she is normally trying to accomplish. I was pleased that we were playing so nicely. So calmly.

And then I realized that she was holding, in one hand, a plastic (noisy, annoying, ridiculously stupid) toy phone and in the other hand, a half of a dead leaf. And she was chewing. Now, I have never tried to eat a dead leaf so I can’t be sure, but I have this feeling that, even if you have a BUNCH of teeth (as I do), chewing a gross, dry leaf might be a little challenging. And because Baby L only has 8 (at the last count, before she was a piranha) teeth, and they are all in the front, I had a feeling that this could end badly. And sure enough, within seconds of realizing what she had done, I was being puked on. Because, you see, babies CANNOT chew dead leaves. (Just in case any of you were inspired to check this out…Don’t.) After the puke, even though I hadn’t seen the leaf, I assumed that this crisis had been averted and I was all, “Sweet! That wasn’t even chunky because we haven’t even had breakfast yet!” (Before being a mom, if someone puked on me, I would have unfriended them on Facebook. Because that shit is serious, y’all.) It wasn’t until I put her in her chair to have her first meal of the day, that I realized that the leaf was stuck, VISIBLY STUCK,  in the back of her throat, causing her to let out these tiny, annoying coughs every couple of seconds. It was at that moment that I became that crazy lady who has no fear of the gross consequences of sticking my fingers into the orifices of another person. It is at that moment that I become MOM. So, I did it. I stuck two fingers into the mouth of another person and retrieved…a leaf.

For real. Crisis averted. Everyone is alive.

But really, universe? Did you need to give me yet ANOTHER thing to be paranoid about? Really?



9 thoughts on “A Momish Moment

  1. Dude, the big first birthday is TOTALLY a big deal, ball o’ hormones or not! I had a mini-freakout when my little man turned 1. So don’t worry, you’re not alone in that!

    Way to go on the leaf crisis! It’s weird, the things you’ll now do because of being a mom. I think you totally deserve a long distance high five on this! 😉

  2. OMG I am totally paranoid about my baby choking on something/getting something stuck in her throat. Probably because my mom had to save me and my brother from choking when we were little and that story causes me nightmares of anxiety. But so does being a parent in general. And, I’m already totally weirded out by my little one’s first birthday and it doesn’t even happen for 2 & 1/2 more months. 🙂

  3. How did you avoid being bit? My boys would have clamped down with no remorse, and honestly I’m surprised I still have all of my appendages giving their recent “lets bite everything, especially my brother” phase.

    • Act of God. Really, I think I have developed excellent reflexes since she got teeth. She manages to bite the hell out of daddy. But mommy? Reflex like cat! Meow!

  4. This made me laugh so much!
    I am terrified of my boy being up and about and he is only 5 months!
    I’m not too worried about him choking as I know babies have a great gag reflex, but I’m worried about him ramming things too far to the back that the ‘gag relfex will ne nul and void!

  5. My 8 month old took a huge bite of a dry leaf while we were playing outside a few days ago. He was gagging and gagging on it but couldn’t spit it out. I tried to get it out, but he is a spaz and just thrashed his head all around and clenched his mouth shut tight and WOULD NOT let me get my hand anywhere near his mouth. So he continued to periodically gag on it for the next hour or two until it finally got washed down with his yogurt at dinner time.

    • Terrifying! She thrashed like a crazy person but I was quicker than I have ever done anything in my whole life. Which explains why I still have all my fingers. Sheesh. Who eats leaves?! Babies are weirdos.

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