A Dare

So, I haven’t really written in awhile, about how life is as a mother of two UNDER TWO. And that is mostly because, as a mother of two under two, I have  ZERO time to do so. Which, I am sure you might have expected.

I am, by no means, some type of domestic goddess. In fact, I am quite the opposite. I hate dirty dishes, but if I use my muffin pan to make the delicious and healthy oatmeal cups (for which, the liners will not work) for my daughter so that she doesn’t have to eat crap food for breakfast, I will pretend not to see the muffin pan sitting in the sink for days and use the excuse that “it needs to soak” to avoid scrubbing the shit out of it. I do assloads of laundry but frequently leave clean clothes in baskets until I can no longer stand to look at them. I sweep 471 times per day but can never seem to get everything. And I routinely bribe my husband with anything I can think of to scrub the bathtub because I fucking hate doing it.

When and if my kids take naps at the same time, I prefer to spend that hour (USUALLY LESS) watching the reality TV on my DVR and playing Candy Crush. Because, we all have our guilty pleasures. And while I wish I could say that I bust my ass during that time, I would be lying. Because it rarely happens and Mama needs her Mob Wives fix. And I won’t apologize. Because, as chaotic as I knew all of this “mother of two” shit was going to be, I HAD NO IDEA what I was getting myself into.

I have a friend who was pregnant with her second child when I was pregnant with L. Her kids are about 17 or 18 months apart. I always marvel at her because, though we share a bunch of frustrated, “WHY WON’T THESE FUCKING KIDS SLEEP” texts (DAILY), she seems to handle it all so much better than I feel I do. I mean, it could just be that I am more willing to say things like, “Seriously. My kids are being assholes and they are trying to kill me” or “If they don’t STOP THIS RIGHT NOW, I am making them sleep in the yard”. It just seems to me that, through the frustration, she finds grace. And I find myself wanting to bang my head against hard things.

Being a SAHM is completely ridiculous. I mean, there are moments that I am SO grateful for. Like, when the kids interact with each other and I get to catch what seems like this private, brother-sister moment. Or when L says something really awesome like the other day when she said, “Hot mess!” when I was trying to scrub syrup off of her chin. I am grateful that, in her, I can see so much of myself. She speaks with my inflection (and hopefully doesn’t start integrating my HORRIBLE language! FUUUUUCK, I have to stop swearing so much!) and it is all because I am the one she hears the most. And that is pretty awesome. Dangerous. But totally awesome. I would say that about 85% of the time, I really enjoy my time with my kids. But that other 15% makes me want to run screaming from my house and never come back. I don’t know if it is okay to admit that. But screw it. There it is. If my bosses in the workforce ever worked me like this, I would have stabbed them in the neck with my staple remover. But, you know…my little slavedrivers are the loves of my life. So, that’s like, a get out of jail free card. Lucky them.

I am more patient than I have ever been (although, my husband might tell you differently, but what does he know about anything? He gets to leave the house without two tiny people hanging on him.) and I am mostly happy with the decision I have made to become this person. Mostly. I miss interacting with people who can utter at least four-word sentences (we’re so close!) and drinking coffee while it is still hot. I miss lunch breaks. I even sometimes miss waking up to an alarm and not an infant demanding food. (I never thought I would say that I miss my alarm. Seriously. Who says shit like that?)

But this shit is hard. I am exhausted and am currently nursing L back to health from strep throat and dealing with Baby O’s third round of teething. I am averaging 3 solid hours of sleep per night and eating frozen food while I make 17 different dishes for L who is entering the terrible twos. I drink entirely too much coffee and spend entirely too little time with my husband. (who is currently out of town for work for two weeks. Just in time for the strep and teething. Lucky bastard.) I haven’t painted my toenails in weeks and my hair desperately needs a trim. I need to lose the last ten pounds I gained during my last pregnancy (plus about 30 more) and I need to take better care of my skin. But the kids. Oh my god, the kids. They are so much fun and so adorable and so time consuming that I barely remember that these things are…well…things.

It is a balancing act. And I am working on it.

So, there you go, internet. Go ahead, have two kids in the span of 13 months. I dare you!


15 thoughts on “A Dare

  1. I feel this way and I only have one kid! Being a SAHM is the hardest job I’ve ever done. I think it’s because there’s no one around to tell me if I’m doing a good job or not. Jax would eat Cheerios off the floor all day long and still think I’m amazing, so…

    • Agreed! I mean, you can’t ever get ALL the Cheerios off the floor anyway. Someone has to eat them! Haha! It is definitely the hardest thing I have ever done. EVAR. And good GOD, I hope I am doing it right…

  2. Oh, holy crap! You are me, but a few years ago, and a better writer. This just rocked. I have actually said, “If you do not have a pencil hanging out of your eye socket, than you cannot yell for Mama during quiet time!” My tagline: four kids in three years… (And they said I was infertile.) Watch what you wish for, am I right? I’d totally pick you up at the playground for grown-up sentences if I had the chance, and I don’t mean that in a creepy way. (Congrats on Freshly Pressed!)

    • HA! Hilarious! Thank you so much!
      Yeah, I always said I wasn’t having any kids. And here I am. OY VEY! I would totally let you pick me up for adult sentences. In a non-creepy way obviously…lol
      Thanks for reading!!!

  3. I’m not a SAHM but working a full day and then coming home to cook, clean, bath M-L etc, it’s hard! I loved this post and I feel the same about so many of your pointers!

  4. I don’t know how you do it! I think I would have cried had i got pregnant so close together (and for all I know, you did!). I am totally with you about the 15%. This is exactly what parenting is like for me. You can do it. You will make it through!!

  5. It gets better. My 3 are teenagers now, 17, 16 and 14. I’m so glad I had them close together. They rarely fight anymore and are like best friends! I have no idea how I made it though the baby/toddler/preschool stages, but I did. Looking back, it seems that it went by so fast, but I do remember that time seemed to crawl by so slowly when they were small and i thought I might lose my mind 🙂 it gets better I promise! !!

  6. You’re hilarious! And I feel ya. I only have a 7 mo, but I can only imagine what it’d be like to have what you have. Much power and respect, Lady.

  7. Hang in there! I totally empathize, even though I’m “lucky” enough to go to my other full-time job 3 days a week. I love and adore my children. I’d catch a bullet for either of them. But if I had to be around them 24/7, I think I’d become a horrendous crazy person.
    I’ve also decided if I can ever replace the counters and floors in my house, I’m going to deliberately look for a color called “dirt” and “cat hair.” If there’s not such a thing, I’m going to demand that HGTV, Martha Stewart, and/or Sherwin Williams make it so. Then, we can just not “see” it (the way our F’ing husbands don’t “see” it).

  8. LOL, I’m now a work at home mom to a teenager, and I have my list of items to accomplish for both work and home, and there are times that I’d just rather sit on the couch and do nothing! 🙂 Some day it might get better! Until then, but be glad it’s an 85/15 split!

  9. As usual – you crack me up. I love the honesty and feel like i have the same thoughts and I only have one kid and I am not a SAHM. I think it’s just normal to feel crazy sometimes. And you are doing a hell of a job while hubby is away. Drink all the wine and coffee you want!

  10. The minute they start sleeping is when you have sleepless nights wondering what they are doing and where they are. 🙂
    I spent so many years saying far out or fruit instead of fuck, shiver my timbers instead of shit that I’ve forgotten how to swear. My children all grown up know their swear words but they don’t do it in my presence. Start practicing. 🙂

  11. I’m scared already since you just described me to a T. I have 14 month old twins and just found out we’re expecting numero tres (ivf twins, surprise singleton). While they’ll be 21 months when this little one makes it’s appearance, I don’t think it’s going to be much better.

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