Free Baby Carrier!

Okay, you guys, I know nothing about baby carrying contraptions but I have been wanting one of these because:

1. They are CUTE.

2. They look comfy.

So, I got a promo email this morning and found out that I can get a FREE baby carrier from this website! If you’re interested, head on over here and use the promo code BeMine after selecting your sling. (Also, it says that this promo code is also good for the gift sets!) I just ordered mine! (AND it appears you can use the code MORE THAN ONCE! Woot!)


9 thoughts on “Free Baby Carrier!

  1. Did you know that I sew baby stuff for fun? (see my creations although I have temporarily stopped selling online cuz it got too time consuming) I have been wanting to sew you some burp cloths and a paci clip and mailing it your way. If you feel comfortable sending me your address, you can e-mail it to me at
    I think you need some cute baby things to make you smile 🙂

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