Starting Over…

happy babying!

happy babying! (Photo credit: skampy)

So, now that I’ve gotten the BIG news out of the way (and if you missed it, go here…), I can start blogging about what it actually on my mind. No secrets here anymore, folks.

1. I am a little miffed that when I wanted a boy, I got a girl (which, obviously is the best thing ever, you know…now…) and now that I was hoping for another girl (because I am unemployed and want to save money), I am faced with the issue of buying more baby gear. OH MY GOD. MORE BABY GEAR. (I am, however, thankful that a lot of Baby L’s toys and activity stuff is pretty unisex so I don’t feel bad about putting my baby boy in a hot pink swing or anything. I guess it wouldn’t matter anyway, right? Whatever.)

2. MB and I decided a couple of months ago, after I took the first of four home pregnancy tests and had almost settled into the idea that I might be having another baby, that we would stay in our current location and buy a house instead of trekking all the way across the country with (not one but) TWO babies. The expense of that would have broken us and hardly been worth it at this point.  So, now we start the house search. I’m going to be honest. I have no idea what I’m doing. I just need a house big enough for us and two kids to have their own rooms. And a yard. Because these kids are going to play outside, dammit.

3.How am I going to take care of a one-year-old and a newborn by myself all day, every day? This little guy had better not hate the bjorn like his sister does or I am totally screwed. I am seriously having a lot of anxiety about this. Amazing that I am not having more anxiety about money and stuff like that. But no, I am concerned about the baby bjorn.

4. Would it be totally inappropriate to have a baby shower? My mom asked me that last night and, honestly, I have no freaking idea. I can’t really think of anything we need except for another crib (that transitions into a toddler bed eventually) but, if Baby O is anything like his sister, he won’t sleep in it until he is much older anyway. You know, like when he is 16. So, he will most likely use the Fisher Price Rock n’ Play Sleeper that saved my life with Baby L.) Do I just have a sprinkle?

5. I have many infant car seats. They are all pink. Is there any way that I can buy just the COVER thing for a car seat? Or do any of you have a boy-ish one you want to trade or something? Hmmm…bartering. This is new!

Any advice from you mothers of two would be GREATLY appreciated!


15 thoughts on “Starting Over…

  1. You’re having so many of the same thoughts and ideas I had. I, too, wanted a boy, got a girl (now 2 yo), just KNEW this baby was a girl and was totally excited about it (reusing all those clothes, etc) only to find out we’re having a boy child 5 weeks from today.
    Like you, we can reuse a whole lot, but some stuff is just too girlie, despite my active avoidance of anything pink and princess. I wish like hell someone would throw us a sprinkle! Just for crap like diapers, wipes, burp cloths, etc.

    • I was sitting in the ultrasound appointment, wanting to punch the tech in the face when she showed us proof that it’s a boy. But then I just thought, “OF COURSE IT IS.” Why would anything be EASY?! lol…I am hoping for a sprinkle…but I guess we shall see!

  2. Congratulations! My brother was 5 months old when my mom found out she was preggers with me. She told me she cried… and she did it — stayed at home with us while we were little, with no family help. And there was no internet or cable or (insert technology here) back then (early 70s). It might be stressful and overwhelming at times… ask for help from friends/family as much as you can. Set up a Meal Train for yourselves and ask friends/family to sign up ( … and maybe structure your time with the kids at home alone, like homeschooling moms do. I’m sure there’s a ton of stuff on Pinterest and the rest of the web to inspire you!! But here’s one thing: You’re not doing this today. Today you are pregnant with one child. Breathe.

    Regarding a sprinkle: totally have a sprinkle, especially if you’re having a boy… but also (having just read your above comment)… is she sure? I mean… I would keep asking every time you go for an ultrasound…b/c, as you know… they can be wrong! And yeah, totally who cares about sitting him in a pink swing! And I’m sure you can totally buy just covers. Check Amazon….

    Good luck on house hunting. May I suggest a couple things? Get all of your bedrooms on the same level, and get AT LEAST 1.5 bathrooms. I live a small cape cod with my hubby and almost 3 year old daughter. Her BR is upstairs, our is downstairs as is our ONLY bathroom… we’re starting to potty train … and we’re moving her out of her crib soon. I’m not looking forward to middle-of-the-night bathroom trips (not that it’s the end of the world… but ya know…)

    sorry for the ramble/rant… your post just really spoke to me! Plus I’m jealous. We’re trying for #2 and it hasn’t happened yet =)

    • Thank you!! I had never heard of that mealtrain thing before. That seems like it will be totally helpful!

      We are totally just looking for a single story home. I think that with the two little ones, it would be easiest that way! And definitely more than one bathroom. DEFINITELY.

      I hope #2 happens soon for you! I have a lot of friends who totally have the fever right now. And I almost feel guilty that I am going through this again (on accident) before they get the opportunity. And they have actually been working on it.

      I am sure it will all work out. And I am sure we will make things happen the way that we want them to, but this is definitely a BIG shock!

  3. Bartering baby stuff is the shiz-nit. LOL. And most of my kid’s clothes were given to us. Hand-me-down from the expensive stores we would not likely be able to afford. And as to a baby shower, tell your mom you want a “card” shower. Gift cards to all the places you get diapers and all that good stuff. Cuz you ALWAYS need diapers and those get pretty expensive!

  4. Oh wow! For some reason I missed your first blog and caught this one and with wide eyes went back to your announcement! Congrats!! I can’t even imagine how nerve wracking it is now, but your two nuggets will be so close one day! And as a proud Mumma of a boy, you will have a blast 🙂

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